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LMCT-100-2 | Watt Stopper, Legrand | Lighting Controls


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product family specifications

Supply Voltage

LMPL 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz

LMRC 120 VAC or 230 VAC or 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Auxiliary Supply Output


LMPL-X01 24 VDC @ 150 mA

LMRC-100 24 VDC @ 150 mA (Adds 150mA to system network)

Lighting Relay Output Capacity

4 CTRLs per local network (8-relay max)

LMPL-X01 Single or Dual Latching SPST (For recepticals)

LMRC-101 Single Latching SPST (For lights)

LMRC-102 Dual Latching SPST (For lights)

DI Hard Wire (HW) Inputs

LMIO-101 comm. module for DI/DO


Latching (LMRC or LMPL)


20A @ 120/277 VAC


20A @ 120 VAC,

Fan HP

1HP @ 120/240 VAC

Relay termination

Pigtails 2/circuit on LMRC/LMPL

Relay override

Push button on LMRC/LMPL

Dimming Output Capacity

4 CTRLs per local network (12-relays & 12 dimmers max)

LMRC211 1 latching relay & 0-10V dimmer output

LMRC212 2 (latching) relays & 2 (0-10V) dimmer outputs

LMRC213 3 (latching) relays & 3 (0-10V) dimmer outputs


LED on LMRC/LMPL relay

BAS Communication

BACnet MS/TP, w/(LMBC-300 network bridge)

Field Device Comm.

BACnet MS/TP, Free topology (Star or Daisy chain)

Input Devices Modules use 5-20mA each (See module specs)

Output/CTLR Devices Controllers provide network power for remote modules

LMRC-101, LMPL-101 Local network has up to 24 addresses, 4 CTRLs max

Up to 4 ON/OFF loads possible

LMRC-2xx, LMPL-201 Local network has up to 48 addresses, 4 CTRLs max

Up to 12 ON/OFF loads and 12 dimmers possible

LMBC or LMRC Each segment talks with up to 127 "Local networks"


LMCT-100 Prog. tool (Required on first install)

Special features

Completely distributed outputs and inputs over BACnet

Operating Temperature

Gen. Limits , 50° to 104℉ (See module specs)

Operating Humidity

Gen. Limits, 5-90% RH non-condensing


Hub, ceiling or wall mount (See module specs)

Enclosure Rating

NEMA 1, dry location


BTL, FCC Part 15, ASHRAE 90.1,RoHs

IECC, EPAct, California Title 24,


1 year

product family features

  • On/off and dimming control options
  • Plugged components on a free-topology Category 5e DLM local network
  • Capable of bi-level control, daylight harvesting, plug load control, and dimming

more information & related documents

Family Description

The Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management, DLM Series is an intelligent, distributed control system that automatically maximizes lighting energy efficiency. DLM is designed to scale from stand-alone control of individual rooms to centralized control of a floor, a building, or an entire campus. With DLM, you layer your choice of control strategies to meet project goals, from energy code compliance to building aesthetics, simplified maintenance and enhanced energy performance. Control options include room controllers for switched or dimmed lighting loads, or for plug loads; digital occupancy sensors; sleek switches and handheld remotes; versatile daylighting sensors; lighting control panels; tools for remote configuration, scheduling and system management; and interfaces providing connectivity to third party devices. For building-wide monitoring and management, multiple DLM local networks may be connected to an industry standard open protocol network for control by a segment manager or building automation system (BAS).

Kele Description



Watt Stopper, Legrand

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