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product family specifications


ASTM A126 Class A Cast Iron

Disc for sizes 2”-12”

316 Stainless Steel

Disc for sizes 14” and above

Electroless Nickel Plated Ductile Iron


High purity, peroxide-cured, high temperature EPDM


416 Stainless Steel

Stem Bearing

Heavy Duty Acetal


Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)


Ductile Iron (3-Way valves only)

Body cold working pressure rating

250 psi (17.2 bar)

Media temperature

-20 to 250°F [continuous] (-28 to 121°C)

Controlled medium

Hot water, chilled water, condenser water up to 50% Glycol

Flow characteristic

Modified equal percentage

Flow Coefficients

See Table 1 in Datasheet


2” to 12”, 175 PSI. full cut 

14” to 24”, 150 PSI, full cut 

50 PSI dead end service, full cut 

50 PSI, all under cut discs

Angle of rotation

0° to 90°


Bubble tight at 175 PSI closeoff (better than ANSI class VI)

Maximum fluid velocity

30 feet/second (9 m/second)


Max recommended differential pressure with flow

29 psi (2 bar)

Size Range

2-inch through 24-inch (DN 50 to 600)

Body Style     

Lug (2” through 20”) or double flange (24”), 2-way and 3-way, ANSI 125 rated

product family features

• High purity, peroxide cured, high temperature EPDM seats to ensure continuous operation at 250°F (121°C)
• Corrosion-resistant, 316 Stainless Steel disc (2” through 12”)
• Corrosion-resistant Electroless Nickel Plated Ductile Iron (14” through 24”)
• Internal disc-to-stem connection to eliminate leakage through the stem
• Wide variety of direct mount actuators.
• Full 175 PSI and 50 PSI close-off pressure ratings available.

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Family Description

Designed to last longer with minimal downtime, Siemens resilient seat butterfly valves are available in sizes from 2-in. to 24-in. (DN 50 to 600) built with the highest temperature and chemical resistance available in the market.Available in 2-way and 3-way configurations, 2-in. through 20-in. butterfly valves are lug style. 24-in. valves are double-flanged. All have ANSI 125 rated bodies. 3-way valves can be used for mixing and diverting applications and are available in multiple configurations to match job site needs.These valves are compatible with Siemens A-Series Industrial Electric, and OpenAir® Commercial Electric actuators. OpenAir actuators are available in in both spring return and non-spring return variants for two-position (On/Off), floating, and modulating control.All Industrial actuators include a heater to prevent condensation. Resilient seat butterfly valves provide bubble-tight shut off (leakage class better than ANSI Class VI) up to 175 PSI (full cut) and 50 PSI (under cut) requirements. 

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