PSS2 Series

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PSS2 Series

Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter PSS2 Series

Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter


The Kele PSS2 Series Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter is highly accurate and compact, which makes it ideal for HVAC, building automation, and process gauge pressure applications. A splash-proof Packard-type electrical connector is provided for ease of installation. Eleven standard ranges are available for a wide variety of applications.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
PSS2-100 STAINLESS TRANS 0-100 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-100-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-100PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-100-G SS TRANS 0-100PSI W/ENCL GAUGEIn Stock509.29285.20
PSS2-100-LCD 0-100 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-100-RED 0-100PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-1000 STAINLESS TRANS 0-1000 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-1000-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-1000PSIIn Stock432.28242.08
PSS2-1000-LCD 0-1000 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock953.45533.93
PSS2-1000-G SS TRANS 0-1000 PSI W/ENCL GAUINFO506.07283.40
PSS2-15 STAINLESS TRANS 0-15 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-15-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-15PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-15-LCD 0-15 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-15-RED 0-15 PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-150 STAINLESS TRANS 0-150 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-150-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-150PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-150-G SS TRANS 0-150PSI W/ENCL GAUGEINFO509.29285.20
PSS2-150-LCD 0-150 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-150-RED 0-150PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-150R-RED 0-150PSI FOR REF. W/ RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-200 STAINLESS TRANS 0-200 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-200-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-200PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-200-G SS TRANS 0-200 PSI W/ENCL GAUGINFO509.29285.20
PSS2-200-LCD 0-200 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-200-RED 0-200PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-30 STAINLESS TRANS 0-30 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-30-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-30PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-30-G SS TRANS 0-30 PSI W/ENCL GAUGEIn Stock509.29285.20
PSS2-30-LCD 0-30 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-30-RED 0-30 PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-300 STAINLESS TRANS 0-300 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-300-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-300PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-300-G SS TRANS 0-300PSI W/GAUGEIn Stock509.29285.20
PSS2-300-LCD 0-300 PSI W/LCD W/DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-300-RED 0-300PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock876.94491.09
PSS2-50 STAINLESS TRANS 0-50 PSIINFO376.73210.97
PSS2-50-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-50PSIINFO432.28242.08
PSS2-50-G PSS2-50-G (ENCLOSED W/ GAUGE)INFO509.29285.20
PSS2-50-LCD 0-50 PSI W/ LCD DISPLAYINFO952.43533.36
PSS2-500 STAINLESS TRANS 0-500 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-500-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-500PSIIn Stock433.29242.64
PSS2-500-G SS TRANS 0-500PSI W/ENCL GAUGEIn Stock509.29285.20
PSS2-500-LCD 0-500 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYIn Stock952.43533.36
PSS2-500-RED 0-500PSI W/RED DIGITAL DISPLAYIn Stock952.31533.29
PSS2-75 STAINLESS TRANS 0-75 PSIINFO376.73210.97
PSS2-75-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-75PSIINFO433.29242.64
PSS2-75-G SS TRANS 0-75 PSI W/ENCL GAUGEINFO509.29285.20
PSS2-75-LCD 0-75 PSI W/LCD DISPLAYINFO952.43533.36
PSS2-750 STAINLESS TRANS 0-750 PSIIn Stock376.73210.97
PSS2-750-E ENCLOSED S.S. TRANS 0-750PSIIn Stock432.28242.08
PSS2-750-G SS PRESSURE XMTR, 0-750, W/GAUGEINFO565.66316.77


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  • Splash-proof, plug-in electrical connector
  • For steam, water, glycol, refrigerant, and more
  • 4-20 mA output
  • 304L/316L stainless steel wetted parts
  • Wide range of pressures
  • High overpressure capability

Supply Voltage: 8 to 30VDC @ 25 mA max

Accuracy: ±0.5% of span

Signal Output (Current): 4-20 mA @ 800Ω (loop powered)

Sensor Type: ASIC piezo-resistive and temp. compensated

Display: (Optional) 2″ Dial gauge or 0.5″ Digital w/3.5 digits

Overpressure: (Burst) 3x rated pressure

Max Operating Pressure: (Proof) 5x rated pressure

Operating Temperature :-40° to 221℉ (-40° to 105℃)

Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% Non-condensing

Wetted Parts: Brass, 304SS and 316SS

Media Compatibility: Liquid or Gas compatible w/Brass, 304SS and 316SS

Process Connection: Direct-1/8″ MNPT, Encl. bulkhead- 1/8″ FNPT

Wiring Terminations: 2-16 AWG pigtail in 36″ (91cm) cable

Mounting: By process connection or optional enclosure

Enclosure Rating: (Optional) plastic enclosure, NEMA 4, (IP66)

Dimensions: 5.11″H x 5.11″W x 2.95″D, (13.0 x 13.0 x 7.5 cm)

Weight: 0.3 lb (0.13 Kg)

Warranty: 1 year

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