A-10 Series

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A-10 Series

Precision Engineered Pressure Transmitter A-10 Series

Precision Engineered Pressure Transmitter


The WIKA A-10 Series is a precision engineered pressure transmitter. Rugged design provides resistance to vibration, shock, wide temperature variations, RFI and other extreme enviornemntal conditions. Performance and relaibility is enhanced by the all stainless steel welded measuring cell that eliminates the need for soft sealing materials that may deteriorate over time. The state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly process increases the long term reliability of the A-10. Primary applications include process control and automation, hydraulics, pneumatics and machine controls.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
A10-100 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-100 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO529.17296.34
A10-1000 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-1000 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO529.17296.34
A10-10000 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-10000 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO654.23366.37
A10-15 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-15 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO654.23366.37
A10-1500 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-1500 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO529.17296.34
A10-200 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-200 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO741.00414.96
A10-2000 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-2000 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO654.23366.37
A10-25 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-25 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO654.23366.37
A10-300 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-300 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO529.17296.34
A10-3000 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-3000 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO628.36351.88
A10-50 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-50 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO529.17296.34
A10-500 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-500 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO529.17296.34
A10-5000 PRESS XMTR, +/-1.00%, 0-5000 PSI, 4-20 MAINFO654.23366.37


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  • Pressure ranges from 0 to 10,000 psi
  • Applications in process control and automation
  • Electrical connections with a 6 ft cable, other DIN style available
  • Standard 1/4″ NPT connection, other styles available
  • 3 point test report provided with each unit

Supply Voltage: 8-30 VDC

Accuracy: ±1% FS

Signal Output: 4-20 mA @ 600Ω

Thermal Effect: <1% of span, typical

Overpressure: 2x pressure range

Burst Pressure: 5x pressure range

Response Time: <4 ms

Wetted Materials: 316L SS

Compensated Temperature Range:32° to 176℉ (0° to 80℃)

Operating Temperature:32° to 176℉ (0° to 80℃)

Process Connection: ″ NPT

Wiring Terminations: 72″ cable

Weight: 0.18 lb (0.08 Kg)


Warranty: 2 years


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