3000MR Series

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3000MR Series

Photohelic Differential Pressure Switch / Gauge 3000MR Series

Photohelic Differential Pressure Switch / Gauge


The Dwyer 3000MR Series Photohelic® differential pressure switch/gauge combines two versatile, precise pressure switches with a time-proven Magnehelic® pressure gauge. The gauge reading is unaffected by switch operation. External knobs are used to adjust the two DPDT switch set points. Switch set points (indicated by red pointers) and system pressure are fully visible at all times. Ranges are available from 0" to 0.25" W.C. up to 10'' W.C. full scale. The 3000MR Series may be ordered with the switch assembly remote mounted to facilitate panel mounting.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
3000MR-00-TAMP DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-0.25" WCINFO1,312.00734.72
3000MR-125PA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-125 PAINFO1,137.00636.72
3000MR-1KPA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-1000 PAINFO1,137.00636.72
3000MR-250PA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-250 PAINFO1,137.00636.72
3000MR-3KPA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-3000 PAINFO1,137.00636.72
3000MR-4KPA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-4000 PAINFO1,137.00636.72
3000MR-500PA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-500 PAINFO1,137.00636.72
3000MR-60PA DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-60 PAINFO1,224.00685.44
3001-MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-1.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3001MR-TAMP DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-1.00" WCINFO1,224.00685.44
3002-MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-2.00" WCIn Stock1,137.00636.72
3003-MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-3.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3005-MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-5.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3010MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-10.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3015MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-15.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3020MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-20.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3030-MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-30.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3030MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-30.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3050MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-50.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72
3100MR DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0-100.00" WCINFO1,137.00636.72


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  • Two independent DPDT switches, externally adjustable
  • Dependable Magnehelic® pressure indication
  • 2% F.S. accuracy
  • Visible switch set points and pressure indication
  • Easily accessible zero adjustment
  • 4" (10.2 cm) easy-to-read white dial
  • Optional manual reset
  • Optional remote mounting of switch assembly
  • UL listed, CSA and CE certified

Supply Voltage: 24 VDC ±10%

Relay Type: (2) DPDT w/independent setpoints

Left needle SPDT :(C, NO, NC) Closes on pressure rise

Right needle SPDT :(C, NO, NC) Closes on pressure rise

Relay Rating :1A @ 30 VDC, 0.3A @ 120 VAC, Gold plated

Setpoint (SP):Twin Knob adjustments w/needle SP indicators

Dial Pressure Gauge: 4″ half dial w/ graduations per order

Calibration: Zero adjust screw

Differential: 1% of full scale (approx. 1 pointer width)

Repeatability :±1% of full scale

Accuracy : (Standard) ±2% of full scale @ 70℉ (21℃),

Reset Automatic :Reset by differential

Visual Indication :Pressure dial and SP needle indication

Sensor Type :Silicone Diaphragm MNT vertically

Operating Pressure Range: Range dependent on unit ordered

Overpressure: (Burst/Proof) -20″ Hg. to 25 psig (-2.29 to 1.72 kPa)

Operating Temperature: 20° to 120℉ (-7° to 49℉)

Operating Humidity: Not specified

Wetted Parts: Silicone, aluminum, plastics, steel, paint and more

Media Compatibility: Inert dry air

Process Connection: Two (Hi & LO), 1/8″ FNPT

Wiring Terminations :18″, 8 conductor Pig-tail @ 22 AWG

Mounting : Vertically, w/4 screws

Enclosure Rating :ABS and clear plastic face, NEMA 1, NEMA 4 w/panel gasket

Dimensions: 5.0″W X 5.0″H X 2.5″D (12.7 X 12.7 X 6.35 cm)

Cutout Size: 4.75″ (12.06 cm) diameter

Weight: 4.0 lb (1.81 Kg)

Approvals: CE

Warranty: 1 year