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24-013, 24-014

Differential Pressure Switch 24-013, 24-014

Differential Pressure Switch


The Delta-Pro Models 24-013 and 24-014 NEMA 4 differential pressure switches offer a unique blend of small size, excellent performance, environmental protection, and attractive price. They can be used with liquids or gases. The precision snap-acting switch and sensitive opposing diaphragms combine to provide a narrow deadband and repeatability of approximately ±1% of span. Mechanical contact life is 10 million cycles, and actual switch life can be very long with typical pilot duty loads. The Delta-Pro NEMA 4 enclosure is small, yet it can still accommodate a 1/2" NPT conduit connection and terminal block wiring. The Delta-Pro is not only lightweight but also strong and durable. The multiturn adjustment screw is externally accessible for convenience and excellent resolution. The Delta-Pro's force-balance design provides excellent vibration resistance.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
24-013 DELTA-PRO PRESSURE SW. 1-10PSI In Stock217.53174.02
24-013-C DELTA-PRO PRESSURE SWITCH - CUSTOM In Stock241.39193.11
24-014 DELTA-PRO PRESSURE SW. 4-45PSI In Stock221.47177.18
24-014-C DELTA-PRO PRESSURE SWITCH - CUSTOM In Stock241.39193.11


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  • SPDT switch with screw terminals
  • Gasketed zinc-plated steel cover
  • Strong, corrosion-resistant polyester enclosure
  • External, multiturn adjusting screw for excellent resolution
  • 7/8" hole for 1/2" NPT conduit connection
  • Corrosion-resistant brass port
  • Front accessible holes for surface mounting
  • NEMA 4 enclosure

Relay Type : SPDT C—>NO on Pressure increase

Relay Rating : Gold clad silver contacts for minimum loads

Setpoint : External adjustment screw

24-013: 1 to 10 psid, (6.9 to 69 kPa)

24-014: 4 to 45 psid, (27.6 to 310 kPa)


24-013: Fixed 0.75 psid (5.1 kPa)

24-014: Fixed 1.0 psid (6.9 kPa)

Repeatability :±1% over full range

Reset : Automatic reset by differential

Sensor Type: Polyurethane diaphragm

Operating Pressure Range :0 to 150 psid (0 to 1,034 kPa)

Overpressure : (Burst) 150 psid (1,034 kPa)

Max Operating Pressure: (Proof) 150 psid (1,034 kPa)

Operating Temperature: 30° to 160℉ (-1° to 71℃)

Operating Humidity :10 to 90% Non-condensing

Wetted Parts: Polyurethane, Ethylene propylene, Polysulphone, Brass

Media Compatibility: Water, Wastewater, Glycol and Inert dry air @200℉ (93℃)

Process Connection :1/4″ FNPT brass fitting

Wiring Terminations :3 Screw terminals for <16 AWG

Mounting : 2 tabs, #6 screws, 1/2 knockout hole

Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4, Polyester body, zinc-plated steel cover

Dimensions : 3.13″W x 3.5″H x 2.37″D, (7.94 x 8.89 x 6.03 cm)

Weight : 0.4 lb (0.18 Kg)

Approvals : UL File #E42272, CE, CSA

Warranty : 1 year


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