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1800 Series

Dwyer Low Differential Pressure Switches 1800 Series

Dwyer Low Differential Pressure Switches


Essential for industrial environments, the Dwyer 1800 Series low differential pressure switch combines small size and low price with 2% repeatability for enough accuracy for all but the most demanding applications. Set point adjustment inside the mounting stud permits mounting switch on one side of a wall or panel with adjustment easily accessible on the opposite side. UL and CSA listed, and FM approved.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
1823-0 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0.15-0.50" WCINFO219.00122.64
1823-00 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0.07-0.22" WCINFO230.00128.80
1823-1 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0.30-1.00" WCIn Stock219.00122.64
1823-10 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 2.00-10.00" WCINFO219.00122.64
1823-2 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 0.50-2.00" WCINFO219.00122.64
1823-20 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 3.00-22.00" WCINFO219.00122.64
1823-40 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 5.00-44.00" WCINFO219.00122.64
1823-5 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 1.50-5.00" WCINFO219.00122.64
1823-80 DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 9.00-85.00" WCINFO219.00122.64
1824-1-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 0.3-1.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72
1824-10-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 2.0-10.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72
1824-2-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 0.5-2.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72
1824-20-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 3.0-22.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72
1824-40-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 5.0-44.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72
1824-5-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 1.5-5.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72
1824-80-WP DIFF PRESSURE SWITCH 9.0-85.0" WC NEMA 4 BOXINFO1,562.00874.72


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  • Small size and low price
  • Set point adjustment inside the mounting stud permits mounting switch on one side of a wall or panel
  • Adjustment easily accessible on the opposite side
  • UL and CSA listed, and FM approved

Supply Voltage Not required:

Contact Type Snap acting:

1823 SPDT:

1820-5MR SPDT Mechnanically latched w/Manual reset:

Contact Rating 15A Resistive @ 120-480 VAC:

Setpoint (SP) Selectable w/slotted screw (See ordering):

1820-5MR 0.15″ to 5″ WC:

1823-1 0.″3 to 1″ WC:

1823-2 0.5″ to 2″ WC:

1823-5 0.15″ to 5″ WC:

Differential Progressive by setpoint:

1820-5MR Manual reset:

1823-1 0.08″ WC, (.02kPa):

1823-2 0.1″ to .12″ WC, (.025 to .03kPa):

1823-5 0.5″ to 1.2″ WC ,(.124 to .324kPa):

Repeatability ±2% FS.:

Reset Automatic reset by differential:

Visual Indication None:

Sensor Type Diaphragm (Vertically mounted):

Operating Pressure Range 0 to 5″ WC (See ordering):

Overpressure (Burst) 10 PSIG (69kPa):

Max Operating Pressure (Proof) 85.0″ WC (21kPa):

Operating Temperature -30 to 180℉ (-34 to 82℃):

Operating Humidity Not Specified:

Wetted Parts Not Specified:

Media Compatibility Inert dry air:

Process Connection Two (Hi & LO), 1/8" FNPT:

Wiring Terminations 3 slotted screws inside cover:

Mounting 1/2" MNPT or 1/8 FNPT process connections:

Enclosure Rating Steel, NEMA 1, & NEMA 4 versions:

Dimensions ò3.84″ w x 4″ h x 3.6″ d, (9.8 x 10.1 x 9.1 cm):

Cutout Size Not Applicable (Do not show spec):

Weight 1.3 lb (0.6 kg):

Approvals CE, CSA, FM:

Warranty 1 year: