PS-200 Series

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PS-200 Series

DC Power Supplies PS-200 Series

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The MAMAC Systems PS-200 power supply accepts a 115, 230 or 24 VAC input and provides a 5 to 25 VDC output that is both fully regulated and protected from short circuiting and thermal overloads. The PS-200 incorporates an inline fuse and terminal strip for the primary line voltage and multiple-position terminal strips for the DC output. Two unique chassis options are available for the PS-200, making it one of the most versatile, reliable, indestructible, easy to install, and stable power supplies in the industry.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
PS-200-1-A-1-L 24VDC; 1.5 AMPS;115 VAC; LOW HGTIn Stock113.2263.40
PS-200-1-A-1-N 24VDC; 1.5 AMPS;115 VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO125.4670.26
PS-200-1-A-2-N 24VDC; 1.5 AMPS;230VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO125.4670.26
PS-200-1-A-3-L 24VDC; 1.5 AMPS;24VAC; LOW HGTIn Stock113.2263.40
PS-200-1-A-3-N 24VDC; 1.5 AMPS;24VAC; NRRW WDTHIn Stock125.4670.26
PS-200-1-B-1-L 24VDC; 3.0 AMPS;115 VAC; LOW HGTIn Stock163.2091.39
PS-200-1-B-1-N 24VDC; 3.0 AMPS;115 VAC; NRRW WDTHIn Stock175.4498.25
PS-200-1-B-2-L 24VDC; 3.0 AMPS;230VAC; LOW HGTINFO160.1489.68
PS-200-2-A-1-L 12VDC; 1.5 AMPS;115 VAC; LOW HGTINFO113.2263.40
PS-200-2-A-1-N 12VDC; 1.5 AMPS;115 VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO123.4269.12
PS-200-2-A-2-L 12VDC; 1.5 AMPS;230VAC; LOW HGTINFO111.1862.26
PS-200-2-A-2-N 12VDC; 1.5 AMPS;230VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO123.4269.12
PS-200-2-A-3-L 12VDC; 1.5 AMPS;24VAC; LOW HGTINFO113.2263.40
PS-200-2-A-3-N 12VDC; 1.5 AMPS;24VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO123.4269.12
PS-200-2-B-1-L 12VDC; 3.0 AMPS;115 VAC; LOW HGTINFO163.2091.39
PS-200-2-B-1-N 12VDC; 3.0 AMPS;115 VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO175.4498.25
PS-200-2-B-2-L 12VDC; 3.0 AMPS;230VAC; LOW HGTINFO160.1489.68
PS-200-3-A-1-L 5VDC; 1.5 AMPS;115 VAC; LOW HGTINFO111.1862.26
PS-200-3-A-1-N 5VDC; 1.5 AMPS;115 VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO123.4269.12
PS-200-3-A-2-L 5VDC; 1.5 AMPS;230VAC; LOW HGTINFO111.1862.26
PS-200-3-A-2-N 5VDC; 1.5 AMPS;230VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO123.4269.12
PS-200-3-A-3-L 5VDC; 1.5 AMPS;24VAC; LOW HGTINFO113.2263.40
PS-200-3-A-3-N 5VDC; 1.5 AMPS;24VAC; NRRW WDTHINFO123.4269.12
PS-200-3-B-1-L 5VDC; 3.0 AMPS;115 VAC; LOW HGTINFO163.2091.39
PS-200-3-B-1-N 5VDC; 3.0 AMPS;115 VAC; NRRW WDTHIn Stock172.3896.53
PS-200-3-B-2-L 5VDC; 3.0 AMPS;230VAC; LOW HEIGHTINFO160.1489.68


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  • Clean, filtered and regulated DC output
  • Easily accessible inline fuse
  • Less than 2.0 mV pp ripple
  • Two unique chassis for ease of installation in control panels

Supply Voltage:24-29 VAC / 90-130 VAC / 208-240 VDC

Output Voltage:5.0 to 25.0 VDC

Line Regulation:0.01%/V

Load Regulation:0.2% (no load to full load)

Output Current: Model Specific

Current Limit:130% rated current

Thermal Overload:Internally protected

Inline Fuse:3AG 1.0/2.0 (In voltage only)

Operating Temperature:-40° to 120℉ (-40° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity:90% non-condensing


 :1.5 Amps 2.5 lb (1.1 Kg)

 :3.0 Amps 3.0 lb (1.4 Kg)

Approvals: RoHS, CE

Warranty:1 year


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