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Multi-Tap Control Transformers with Breaker 694 Series

Multi-Tap Control Transformers with Breaker


The 694 Series multi-tap control transformers with breakers are industrial-grade multi-tap step down voltage transformers with manual resettable current-limiting secondary circuit breakers. Engineered for Building Automation Systems, BAS, and industrial applications, these transformers are ideal for use in temperature control applications. Each transformer with circuit breaker combination is UL listed and provides 24 volt AC control voltage from a 120-480 volt AC primary supply. The leads are clearly marked for ease of wiring. These foot-mounted transformers are designed for NEMA 1 locations and should be installed in compliance with all national and local electrical codes.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
694-M1A 75 VA (CIRCUIT BREAKER), 120/208/240/480:24 VAC In Stock112.3189.85
694-M2A 100 VA (CIRCUIT BREAKER), 120/208/240/480:24 VAC In Stock134.56107.65
694-M3A 180 VA (CIRCUIT BREAKER), 120/208/240/480:24 VAC In Stock155.75124.60
694-M4 300VA 120/208/240/480V:24VAC In Stock263.65210.92


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  • Multi-tap primary from 120-480 VAC
  • Manual resettable secondary circuit breaker
  • Foot mounting

Primary Voltage:120, 208, 240, 480 VAC

Secondary Voltage:24 VAC

Frequency:60 Hz

VA Rating:694-M1A: 75 VA, 694-M2A: 100 VA, 694-M3A: 180 VA, 694-M4: 300 VA

Circuit Breaker:694-M1A: Manual reset, 5A trip, 694-M2A: Manual reset, 6A trip, 694-M3A: Manual reset, 12A trip, 694-M4: Manual reset, 16A trip

Insulation Class:356℉ (180℃)

Wire Length:10" (25.4 cm)

Temperature Rise:144℉ (80℃)



694-M1A, 694-M2A:3.8 lb (1.7 Kg)

694-M3A:6.5 lb (3.0 Kg)

694-M4:15.0 lb (6.8 Kg)

Approvals:UL506 File #E250952,

 :UL506 File #E223965

Warranty:1 year


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