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Hawkeye Hx00 Series

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Hawkeye Hx00 Series

Current Switches Fixed Trip Point Hawkeye Hx00 Series

Current Switches Fixed Trip Point


Hawkeye Hx00 Series go/no go current switches procvide a cost-effective solution for monitoring status on unit vents, exhaust fans, recirculating pumps, and other fixed loads where belt loss is not a concern.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
H300 CURR SWITCH, 0.15-60A, 0.15A FIXED, SPLIT COREIn Stock88.0049.28
H600 CURR SWITCH, 0.15-200A, 0.15A FIXED, SPLIT COREIn Stock73.0024.00
H800 CURR SWITCH, 0.25-200A, 0.25A FIXED, SOLID COREIn Stock46.0025.76
H800-HV CURR SWITCH, 0.75-200A,0.5A FIXED,SOLID CORE,250VIn Stock188.00105.28
H800NC CURR SWITCH, 0.5-200A, 0.1A FIXED,SOLID CORE, N.C.In Stock110.0061.60
H900 CURR SWITCH, 1.5-200A, 1.5A FIXED, SPLIT COREINFO118.0066.08


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  • On/off status for direct-drive fans, pumps, and process motorsMore reliable for status than relays across auxiliary contacts
  • Ideal for direct-drive units, unit vents, fan coil units, exhaust fans, and other fixed loans
  • Great for lightin status - less expensive than 277V relays
  • Low 0.15A turn-on (H300 and H600)... ideal for small exhaust fans (not intended to detect belt loss)
  • Removable mounting bracket provides installation flexibility
  • Monitor status of fans, pumps, motors & other electrical loadsSplit-core H300, H600, and H900 for fast retrofit installation
  • Mini solid-core H800 and micro split-core H300 fit in tight enclosures...saves valuable panel space
  • 100% solid-state, no moving parts to fail
  • Polarity insensitive output
  • 5-year limited warranty