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Hawkeye TruStat

Auto Calibration, Standard Output Current Switch Hawkeye TruStat

Auto Calibration, Standard Output Current Switch


The Hawkeye TruStat H10F is a microprocessor based, self-learning, self-calibrating current switch. It provides calibration-free motor status, for both undercurrent (belt-loss/mechanical failure) and over-current (locked rotor?) conditions. At initial power-up, the H10F automatically learns the average current on the line with no action required by the installer. Once a current is learned, the switch monitors for changes in current greater than ±20% of the learned load.


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  • Automatic calibration... reduced errors and installation costsMicrocontroller based learning technology... automatically learns load upon initial power-up... eliminates labor associated with calibration
  • Monitors current for both under- and over-load in one package
  • Small size fits easily inside small starter enclosures... saves space
  • Monitor status of fans, pumps & electrical loadsAutomatic adjustable trip point (3.5-100A)
  • 100% solid state... no moving parts to fail
  • Removable mounting bracket for installation flexibility
  • 5-year warranty
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