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Hawkeye Relay Combination Series Fixed Trip Point

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Hawkeye Relay Combination Series Fixed Trip Point

Current Switches with Relay and Fixed Trip Point Hawkeye Relay Combination Series Fixed Trip Point

Current Switches with Relay and Fixed Trip Point


The Hawkeye Relay Combination Series combines an on/off status sensor and command relays in one package, saving the labor, wire runs, and space required to mount a separate relay. The switch and relay (not electrically connected) are in the same housing, saving space and cost. It is ideal for monitoring and controlling motors where belt loss is not a concern.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
H120 RELAY, STATUS, FIELD MOUNT, NOIn Stock118.0066.08
H730 RELAY COMBO,0.5-200A,0.5 FIX,SOLID CORE,24V SPSTINFO106.0059.36
H740 RELAY COMBO,0.5-200A,0.5 FIX,SOLID CORE,24V SPDTINFO174.0097.44
H750 RELAY COMBO,0.5-200A,0.5 FIX,SOLID CORE,12VDC SPSTINFO146.0081.76
H930 RELAY COMBO,1.5-200A,1.5 FIX,SPLIT CORE,24V SPSTIn Stock141.0078.96
H940 RELAY COMBO,1.5-200A,1.5 FIX,SPLIT CORE,24V SPDTINFO205.00114.80
H950 RELAY COMBO,1.5-200A,1.5 FIX,SPLIT CORE,12VDC SPSTINFO171.0095.76


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  • On/off status sensors and command relay for direct-drive fans, pumps, and process motors
  • Reduce the number of installed components... saves time and space
  • On/off status and command relay in a single labor and space saving device
  • Cost-effectively monitor start/stop, unit vents, fan coils, exhaust fans, and other loads where belt loss is not a concern
  • H740 and H940 feature a SPDT command relay
  • Space saving dual function sensor for Start/Stop/Status
  • No calibration required
  • One device to install... reduces installation charges
  • Easier to install than differential pressure switches... no additional wiring needed
  • 100% solid state...no moving parts to fail
  • Removable mounting bracket for installation flexibility
  • 5-year limited warranty

 Sensor Power: Induced from monitored conductor

 Insulation Class: 600VAC RMS

 Temperature Range: 5 to 140°F (-15 to 60°C)

 Humidity Range: 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing

 Frequency: 50/60 Hz

 Terminal Block Maximum Wire Size: 14 AWG

 Terminal Block Torque (nominal): 4 in-lbs. (0.45 N-m)

 Approvals: UL 508 open device listing