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Hawkeye 904 and 934

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Hawkeye 904 and 934

Auto Calibration, VFD Operation Current Switches Hawkeye 904 and 934

Auto Calibration, VFD Operation Current Switches


Hawkeye 904/934 auto calibration, VFD operation current switches are microprocessor-based current status switches for use in building automation systems and industrial applications. The H904 and H903 current switches provide a unique solution for accurately monitoring status of motors controlled by variable frequency drives. Each current switch stores the sensed amperage values for normal operation at various frequency ranges in non-volatile memory. This information allows the device to distinguish between a reduced amp draw due to normal changes in the frequency and an abnormal amp drop due to belt loss or other mechanical failures. The relay on the H934 is isolated from the current switch, and all relay connections are externally accessible on the device.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
H614 CURR SWITCH, 1.5-150A, SELF-CAL,SPLIT CORE,LED,VFDIn Stock216.00120.96
H904 CURR SWITCH, 3.5-135A, ADJ, SPLIT CORE, LED, VFDIn Stock207.00115.92


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  • Microprocessor-based... real labor saver... No need to calibrate to detect belt loss on VFDsSelf-adjusting trip point... factory programmed to detect belt loss undercurrent conditions
  • Provides accurate status for VFD loads
  • Automatically compensates for the effects of frequency and amperage changes associated with VFDs
  • LED indicates normal and alarm conditions
  • Huge labor savings-- no need to calibrate in live starter enclosures...install and go
  • Available with a relay...status and control in one package, saving time and space
  • Accurately detects belt loss and coupling shear on VFD driven motorsMonitors both frequency and amperage...distinguishes normal drops in amperage due to frequency changes from abnormal drops due to mechanical failure
  • Split-core design is ideal for retrofits...no need to remove conductor
  • 5-year limited warranty
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