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H81xx Series

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H81xx Series

Veris H81xx Series Energy Meters H81xx Series

Veris H81xx Series Energy Meters


The Veris H81xx Series Energy Meters are easy to install and provide exceptional system accuracy, making them ideal for all submetering applications. Each meter is factory-matched with one to three split-core CTs. Matching serial numbers assure that the meter and CT were calibrated together. The meter/CT pairs are system-calibrated to provide excellent total system accuracies of 1% from 2% to 100% of the amperage rating of the CTs (e.g., 2-100 amps with 100 amp CTs). With the optional H81xx-Communications Board, the H81xx Series energy meters connect easily to control/data systems networks using Modbus, BACnet, and Metasys (N2) protocols. The H81xx-CB reports energy and power diagnostic information including kW, kWh, kVAR, PF, amps, volts, and more.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
H8163-0100-0-1 ENERGY METER,100A,MICRO,1CT INFO942.69754.15
H8163-0100-0-2 ENERGY METER,100A, MICRO,2CTS INFO1,283.761,027.01
H8163-0100-0-3 ENERGY METER,100A,MICRO,3CTS INFO1,624.841,299.87
H8163-0200-1-1 ENERGY METER,200A,MINI,1CT INFO968.78775.02
H8163-0200-1-2 ENERGY METER,200A,MINI,2CTS INFO1,313.391,050.71
H8163-0200-1-3 ENERGY METER,200A,MINI,3CTS INFO1,704.401,363.52
H8163-0300-2-1 ENERGY METER,300A,SM,1CT INFO1,026.85821.48
H8163-0300-2-2 ENERGY METER,300A,SM,2CTS INFO1,393.711,114.97
H8163-0300-2-3 ENERGY METER,300A,SM,3CTS INFO1,776.051,420.84
H8163-0400-3-2 ENERGY METER,400A,MED,2CTS INFO1,475.701,180.56
H8163-0400-3-3 ENERGY METER,400A,MED,3CTS INFO1,801.201,440.96
H8163-0800-3-2 ENERGY METER,800A,MED,2CTS INFO1,517.061,213.65
H8163-0800-3-3 ENERGY METER,800A,MED,3CTS INFO1,845.131,476.10
H8163-0800-4-2 ENERGY METER,800A,LG,2CTS INFO1,944.601,555.68
H8163-1600-4-3 ENERGY METER,1600A,LG,3CTS INFO2,195.681,756.54
H8163-2400-4-3 ENERGY METER,2400A,LG,3CTS INFO1,896.801,517.44


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  • Stand-alone energy metering system
  • High resolution backlit LCD
  • Phas-loss alarm
  • Comes with split-core CT's (1 to 3 depending on model selected)