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H804X H805X series

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H804X H805X series

Veris H804X H805X Series Energy Meters H804X H805X series

Veris H804X H805X Series Energy Meters


The Veris Enercept H804x and H805x Series kW (real power)/kWh (consumption) transducers combine processing electronics & industrial grade CTs in an easy-to-install split-core package. These devices continuously measure voltage and current values for the monitored conductors and update calculations to provide highly accurate true RMS power readings. Models designed for balanced loads include one CT only, while models for unbalanced loads have three CTs for improved accuracy. The unique design of the H804x/H805x Series transducers reduces the number of installed components, making them ideal for monitoring electrical power in commercial and industrial facilities The H804x provides industry-standard 4 to 20 mA output, and the H805x provides a pulse output. Installation is simple. The H804x/H805x eliminates the need to mount and wire a transducer and enclosure. CTs and voltage leads are color-matched, & the meters are designed to detect and automatically compensate for phase reversal. No more worries about CT load orientation.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
H8043-0300-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 300A 3 CT INFO1,706.551,365.24
H8043-0400-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 400A 3 CT INFO1,756.261,405.01
H8043-0800-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 800A 3 CT INFO1,805.961,444.77
H8043-0800-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 800A 3 CT INFO1,855.671,484.54
H8043-1600-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 1600A 3 CT INFO1,905.371,524.30
H8043-2400-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 2400A 3 CT INFO1,955.071,564.06
H8044-0100-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 100A 3 CT INFO1,670.281,336.22
H8044-0300-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 300A 3 CT INFO1,720.391,376.31
H8044-0400-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 400A 3 CT INFO1,770.501,416.40
H8044-0800-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 800A 3 CT INFO1,820.621,456.50
H8044-0800-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 800A 3 CT INFO1,870.731,496.58
H8044-1600-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 1600A 3 CT INFO1,920.841,536.67
H8044-2400-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 2400A 3 CT INFO1,970.911,576.73
H8051-0100-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 100A SINGLE CT INFO1,276.221,020.98
H8051-0300-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 300A SINGLE CT INFO1,314.521,051.62
H8051-0400-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 400A SINGLE CT INFO1,352.801,082.24
H8051-0800-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 800A SINGLE CT INFO1,391.101,112.88
H8051-0800-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 800A SINGLE CT INFO1,429.361,143.49
H8051-1600-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 1600A SINGLE CT INFO1,467.671,174.14
H8051-2400-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 2400A SINGLE CT INFO1,505.941,204.75
H8053-0100-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 100A 3 CT INFO1,589.671,271.74
H8053-0300-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 300A 3 CT INFO1,637.391,309.91
H8053-0400-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 400A 3 CT INFO1,685.061,348.05
H8053-0800-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 800A 3 CT INFO1,732.761,386.21
H8053-0800-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 800A 3 CT INFO1,781.531,425.22
H8053-1600-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 1600A 3 CT INFO1,828.151,462.52
H8053-2400-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/480V 2400A 3 CT INFO1,875.811,500.65
H8041-0100-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 100A SINGLE CT INFO1,365.811,092.65
H8041-0300-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 300A SINGLE CT INFO1,406.811,125.45
H8041-0400-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 400A SINGLE CT INFO1,447.761,158.21
H8041-0800-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 800A SINGLE CT INFO1,488.761,191.01
H8041-0800-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 800A SINGLE CT INFO1,529.711,223.77
H8041-1600-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 1600A SINGLE CT INFO1,570.701,256.56
H8041-2400-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 2400A SINGLE CT INFO1,611.661,289.33
H8042-0100-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 100A SINGLE CT INFO1,379.211,103.37
H8042-0300-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 300A SINGLE CT INFO1,420.571,136.46
H8042-0400-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 400A SINGLE CT INFO1,461.971,169.58
H8042-0800-3 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 800A SINGLE CT INFO1,503.331,202.66
H8042-0800-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 800A SINGLE CT INFO1,544.741,235.79
H8042-1600-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 1600A SINGLE CT INFO1,586.101,268.88
H8042-2400-4 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 480V 2400A SINGLE CT INFO1,627.451,301.96
H8043-0100-2 ENERCEPT W/TRANS 208/240V 100A 3 CT INFO1,656.841,325.47


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