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855 Series

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855 Series

WAGO Plug-In Current Transformers 855 Series

WAGO Plug-In Current Transformers


The 855 Series plug-in current transformers are inductive, single-conductor current transformers. Based on the principle of measurement, current transformers of this type are for use in AC networks exclusively. These can be use with square copper current bars and are easily mounted on carrier rails with the carrier rail adapter. The 855 Series has current transformers with secondnary rated current for either 1A or 5A output. These are designed to be mounted either on square busbars or circular conductors.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
855-301/050-103 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 50A: 1AINFO195.84109.67
855-301/060-101 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 60A: 1AINFO195.84109.67
855-301/075-201 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 75A: 1AINFO191.76107.39
855-301/100-201 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 100A: 1AINFO191.76107.39
855-301/150-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 150A: 1AINFO191.76107.39
855-301/200-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 200A: 1AINFO195.84109.67
855-301/250-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 250A: 1AINFO191.76107.39
855-301/400-1001 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 400A: 1AINFO195.84109.67
855-301/600-1001 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 600A: 1AINFO195.84109.67
855-305/050-103 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 50A: 5AINFO159.1289.11
855-305/060-101 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 60A: 5AINFO159.1289.11
855-305/075-201 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 75A: 5AINFO159.1289.11
855-305/100-201 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 100A: 5AINFO156.0687.39
855-305/150-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 150A: 5AINFO155.0486.82
855-305/200-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 200A: 5AINFO155.0486.82
855-305/250-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 250A: 5AINFO155.0486.82
855-305/400-1001 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 400A: 5AINFO159.1289.11
855-305/600-1001 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 600A: 5AINFO159.1289.11
855-401/400-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 400A: 1AINFO214.20119.95
855-405/400-501 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 400A: 5AINFO182.58102.24
855-501/1000-1001 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 1000A: 1AINFO266.22149.08
855-505/1000-1001 CURRENT TRANSFORMER 1000A: 5AINFO235.62131.95
855-9900 DIN-RAIL ADAPTERINFO22.4412.57


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  • Screwless CAGE CLAMP® connection technology
  • Several mounting options available
  • High mechanical retention forces
  • Continuous overload of 120% of the nominal primary current
  • Can be used in 690V power networks

Input Current:AC 50A-1250A

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Output Current:1A or 5A

Operating Temperature:23° to 122℉ (-5° to 50℃)

Storage Temperature:-13° to 158℉ (-25° to 70℃)

Approvals:CE, cURus File#E356480