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500T, 501T

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500T, 501T

Split-Core Current Transformers 500T, 501T

Split-Core Current Transformers


The Electromagnetic Industries Model 500T and 501T split-core current transformers provide a low-amperage current output proportional to line current and are for use in energy management control and metering applications. These transformers are ideal for use as inputs to power monitors such as the endicator™ and current transducers such as Models 4CTV and 4CMA.These transformers are designed to be assembled around an existing insulated conductor without the need for dismantling the primary bus or cables. The portion of the transformers marked "This End Removable" can be disassembled and then reassembled around the conductors that require current monitoring.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
500T-102 CT SPLIT 1000:5 4.1X7.1 WIN In Stock592.57474.06
500T-122 CT SPLIT 1200:5 4.1X7.1 WIN In Stock592.57474.06
500T-152 CT SPLIT 1500:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-162 CT SPLIT 1600:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-202 CT SPLIT 2000:5 4.1X7.1 WIN In Stock592.57474.06
500T-242 CT SPLIT 2400:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-252 CT SPLIT 2500:5 4.1X7.1 WIN In Stock592.57474.06
500T-301 CT SPLIT 300:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-302 CT SPLIT 3000:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-401 CT SPLIT 400:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-402 CT SPLIT 4000:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO605.40484.32
500T-501 CT SPLIT 500:5 4.1X7.1 WIN In Stock592.57474.06
500T-601 CT SPLIT 600:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-701 CT SPLIT 700:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-751 CT SPLIT 750:5 4.1X7.1 WIN INFO592.57474.06
500T-801 CT SPLIT 800:5 4.1X7.1 WIN In Stock592.57474.06
501T-102 CT SPLIT 1000:5 4.1X11.7 WIN INFO651.10520.88
501T-122 CT SPLIT 1200:5 4.1X11.7 WIN In Stock731.53585.22
501T-152 CT SPLIT 1500:5 4.1X11.7 WIN INFO731.53585.22
501T-202 CT SPLIT 2000:5 4.1X11.7 WIN INFO731.53585.22
501T-252 CT SPLIT 2500:5 4.1X11.7 WIN INFO750.94600.75
501T-302 CT SPLIT 3000:5 4.1X11.7 WIN INFO750.94600.75
501T-352 CT SPLIT 3500:5 4.1X11.7 WIN INFO770.35616.28
501T-402 CT SPLIT 4000:5 4.1X11.7 WIN In Stock770.35616.28


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  • 5A secondary
  • Split-core construction for easy installation
  • Brass stud terminals #8-32 with one flat washer, lockwasher, and regular nut


Frequency:50-400 Hz

Terminations:Brass stud terminal with nut, flat washer, lockwasher

Materials Of Construction:Plastic, UL94V-1

Insulation Class:600V, 10 kV BIL

Continuous Thermal Current Resistor Factor1.33 @ 30°C ambient (86°F) 1.0 @ 55°C ambient (131°F):

Window Size:4.1" x 7.1" (10.4 x 18.0 cm) , 4.1" x 11.7" (10.4 x 29.7 cm)

Weight:8 lb (3.6 kg)

Approvals:UL-recognized component, File #E238872; CSA certified, File #245941

Warranty:1 year


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