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Potential Transformers 468

Potential Transformers


The 468 potential transformer is designed for power monitoring or metering applications. It is operated line-to-line but may also be operated line-to-ground or line-to-neutral at a reduced voltage (58% of rated volts). The core and windings are completely encased in a thermoplastic shell and filled with a resin compound. These transformers are suitable for indoor use only. The 468 is ideal for use as an input to power monitors that require a 120VAC input voltage.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
468-288 POTENTIAL XFORMER 288:120V NOINFO455.94255.33
468-480 POTENTIAL XFORMER 480:120V NOINFO455.94255.33
468-600 POTENTIAL XFORMER 600:120V NOINFO455.94255.33


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  • Includes plastic terminal covers
  • Meet ANSI C57.13 Group 1 (except as noted)
  • Easy installation with standard mounting feet
  • UL recognized component, CSA certified