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258, 269

Time Mark Three-Phase Voltage Monitors 258, 269

Time Mark Three-Phase Voltage Monitors


Models 258 and 269 three phase voltage monitors continuously monitor three phase power lines for phase loss, phase reversal, and low voltage. The Model 269 3 phase monitor also monitors for high voltage. Models 258 and 269 3 phase voltage monitors do not require a neutral connection and can be used with any Wye or Delta systems as part of a HVAC application or building automation systems, BAS. When correct voltage and phase rotation are applied, the internal relay will energize. A fault condition will de-energize the relay. When the fault is corrected, the monitor will automatically reset.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
258B 208/240VAC 3-PH.POWER MONITOR In Stock223.33178.66
A257B 480VAC 3-PH POWER MONITOR INFO235.79188.63
A258B 480VAC 3-PH. POWER MONITORING In Stock218.13174.50
A269 3 PHASE VOLTAGE MONITOR, 80-145V SPDT INFO432.11345.69
B258B 120V PH.-TO-PH. VOLTAGE MONITOR INFO232.68186.14
C269 480V 3-PH.OVER/UNDER PWR.MONIT In Stock424.84339.87
PLM-240 ENCLOSED MODEL B269 In Stock660.63528.50
PLM-480 ENCLOSURE KIT FOR C269 W/GROUND LUG In Stock688.68550.94
PLM-480X1 ENCLOSED C269 W/GROUNDLUG In Stock628.39502.71


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Frequency:60 Hz

Relay Rating:10A @ 240 VAC, resistive

Accuracy:±0.1% of setpoint (fixed conditions)

Deadband:Approx 2%

Response Time:50ms, Adj. 1-10 sec

Operating Temperature:-40° to 131°F (-40° to 55°C)

Operating Humidity:0 to 97% (non-condensing)

Mounting:RB08-PC, Surface


258 - 1.95"H x 1.95"W x 3.25"D (4.96 x 4.96 x 8.25 cm):

269 - 6.06"H x 3.88"W x 2.82"D (15.4 x 9.9 x 7.1 cm), :

RB08-PC - 2.25"H x 2.0"W x 0.625"D (5.7 x 5.1 x 1.6 cm):

Weight:258 - 0.31 lb (0.13 Kg), 269 - 0.56 lb (0.25 Kg)

Approvals:UR, CSA, UR*, CSA, UL #E60400, CSA

Warranty:5 years

Manufacturer:Time Mark

Output Type:SPDT


Reset Time:258 - 50ms, 269 - 0.25 seconds