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V-3000, MP800 Series

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V-3000, MP800 Series

Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuators V-3000, MP800 Series

Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuators


The Johnson Controls V-3000, MP800 Series pneumatic valve assemblies accurately control the flow of steam, hot water, or cold water through coils and heat exchangers of all types. These actuators have a molded, synthetic rubber diaphragm contained in a sturdy metal housing that protects against dirt and damage. Optional V-9502 pilot positioners offer increased force for very stable, accurate control, or for sequencing heating/cooling valves.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
MP8000-6002 ACT/PNEU/MP8X PNEU POS MTG KIT; SPRING & HARDWARE In Stock308.00166.32
MP8000-6003 PNEU/POSITIONER MTG KIT/EP/VG2000 INFO250.00135.00
MP821C001B ACT.&SPRING 3-7PSI W/LINKAGE INFO977.00527.58
MP821E001B ACT.& SPRING 9-13PSI W/LINKAGE INFO962.00519.48
MP822C001A ACT.& SPRING 3-7PSI W/LINKAGE INFO962.00519.48
MP822D001A ACT.& SPRING 4-8PSI W/LINKAGE INFO1,274.00687.96
MP822E001A ACT & SPRING 9-13PSI W/LINKAGE INFO962.00519.48
MP823C001A ACT.& SPRING 3-7 PSI W/LINKAGE INFO962.00519.48
MP823C001E PNEU/ACT/25IN-LB/3-7PSIG/3/4STRK/W/LINK INFO962.00519.48
MP823D001A ACT.& SPRING 4-8 PSI W/LINKAGE INFO962.00519.48
MP823D001E PNEU/ACT/25IN-LB/4-8PSIG/3/4STRK/W/LINK INFO977.00527.58
MP823E001A ACT & SPRING 9-13PSI W/LINKAGE INFO962.00519.48
MP823E001E PNEU/ACT/25IN-LB/9-13PSIG/3/4STRK/W/LINK INFO962.00519.48
MP843C001F PNEU/ACT/50IN-LB/3-7PSIG/3/4STRK/W/LINK INFO1,181.00637.74
MP843D001F PNEU/ACT/50IN-LB/4-8PSIG/3/4STRK/W/LINK INFO1,181.00637.74
MP843E001F PNEU/ACT/50IN-LB/9-13PSIG/3/4STRK/W/LINK INFO1,181.00637.74
MP845C001F PNEU/ACT/50IN-LB/3-7PSIG/1-1/8/STRK/W/LINK INFO1,181.00637.74
MP845D001F PNEU/ACT/50IN-LB/4-8PSIG/1-1/8STRK/W/LINK INFO1,181.00637.74
MP845E001F PNEU/ACT/50IN-LB/9-13PSIG/1-1/8STRK/W/LINK INFO1,181.00637.74
MP865C001G PNEU/ACT/100IN-LB/3-7PSIG/1-1/8STRK/W/LINK INFO3,528.001,905.12
MP865D001G PNEU/ACT/100IN-LB/4-8PSIG/1-1/8STRK/W/LINK INFO3,528.001,905.12
MP865E001G PNEU/ACT/100IN-LB/9-13PSIG/1-1/8STRK/W/LINK INFO3,475.001,876.50
MP867C001G PNEU/ACT/100IN-LB/3-7PSIG/1-1/2STRK/W/LINK INFO3,528.001,905.12
MP867D001G PNEU/ACT/100IN-LB/4-8PSIG/1-1/2STRK/W/LINK INFO3,528.001,905.12
MP867E001G PNEU/ACT/100IN-LB/9-13PSIG/1-1/2STRK/W/LINK INFO3,528.001,905.12
V-3000-1 V-3000-1 JOHNSON In Stock275.00148.50
V-3000-6000 DIAPHRAGM FOR V-3000-1(2 PAK) INFO97.0052.38
V-3000-8012 VG VALVE PNEU ACT. NO SPRINGS INFO207.00111.78
V-3752-6022 SPRING KIT;9-13#; FOR VLV; W/ 5/16 STROKE INFO80.0043.20
V-9502-23 POSITIONER FOR 4R, 5/16" STEM INFO465.00251.10
V-9502-6801 SPRG KIT FOR V9502-75(3,5,10)# INFO48.0025.92
V-9502-75 POS FOR V-3000-8001/NO RINGS INFO588.00317.52
V-9502-8100 SPRG KIT FOR V-9502-76 INFO56.0030.24
V-9502-95 PNEU/POSITIONER/VG2000 In Stock358.00193.32
VG7000-1001 V3000/VG V.ACT.3-6#(1/2-3/4IN) INFO90.0048.60
VG7000-1002 V3000/VG V. ACT 4-8# (1/2 - 3/4 IN) In Stock70.0037.80
VG7000-1007 V3000/VG V.ACT.3-6#(1 1/2-2IN) INFO70.0037.80
VG7000-1008 V3000/VG V.ACT.4-8#(1 1/2-2IN) INFO70.0037.80
VG7000-1009 V3000/VG V.ACT 9-13#(1 1/2-2IN) INFO70.0037.80
VG7000-1010 V3801/VG V.ACT3-6#(1/2-3/4IN) INFO60.0032.40
VG7000-1012 V9801/VG V.ACT9-13#(1/2-3/4IN) INFO60.0032.40
VG7000-1015 V3801/VG V.ACT.M.SPRG(1/2-3/4IN INFO75.0040.50


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  • Low profile fits tight spaces
  • Barbs for 1/4" or 1/8" OD poly tubing, or 1/8" FNPT air connections
  • Fits all VG7000 valves from 1/2" to 2"
  • Replaceable synthetic rubber diaphragm
  • Full selection of spring ranges


 :V-3000 Spring return up

 :MP800 Field reversible action

Connections:Barb for 1/4" or 1/8" OD poly tubing; 1/8" NPT for brass fitting


 :V-3000 Order separately V-9502-75 (and spring kit V-9502-6801)

 :MP800 Order separately V-9502-95 (and mounting kit MP8000-6002)


 :V-3000 4.5" (11.4 cm) diameter, 8 sq. in. (20 sq. cm) effective area

 :MP800 8.7" (22.1 cm) diameter, 25 sq. in. (64 sq. cm) effective area

Spring Range:

 :V-3000 Depends on separately ordered spring VG7000-100x

 :MP82xC001 3-7 psi

 :MP82xD001 4-8 psi

 :MP82xE001 9-13 psi


 :V-3000 5/16" to 3/4" (0.8 to 1.9 cm) depends on separately ordered spring

 :MP821 5/16" (0.8 cm)

 :MP822 1/2" (1.3 cm)

 :MP823 3/4" (1.9 cm)

Operating Temperature:-20° to 150℉ (-29° to 66℃)

Media Temperature Range:Maximum fluid temperature 338℉ (170℃), 100 psig (103 kPa) steam

Maximum Pressure:25 psig (172 kPa)


 :V-3000 3.5"H x 4.1"DIA (8.8 x 10.5 cm)

 :MP800 10.7"H x 8.7"DIA (27.2 x 22.1 cm)


 :V-3000 0.9 lb (0.41 kg)

 :MP800 14.0 lb (6.4 kg)


 :V-3000 Set screw to VG-7000 valve bonnet

 :MP800 Threaded nut to VG-7000 valve bonnet

Warranty:1 year