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M Series, F-1000 Series

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M Series, F-1000 Series

Miscellaneous Pipe Fittings M Series, F-1000 Series

Miscellaneous Pipe Fittings


Kele offers a complete line of miscellaneous pipe fittings.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
M-101 1/8IN MPT PIPE PLUGS PKG50In Stock146.0081.76
M-101-1 PIPE CAP 1/8 FPT PKG25In Stock318.24178.21
M-102 1/4IN MPT PIPE PLUG PKG10In Stock45.9025.70
M-106 3/16 RUBBER SEAL CAP PKG100In Stock33.6618.85
M-107 1/4 RUBBER SEAL CAP PKG100In Stock46.9226.28
M-111 1/4X1/8 PIPE BUSHING PKG25In Stock68.3438.27
M-112 3/8X1/8 PIPE BUSHING PKG25In Stock185.01103.60
M-113 3/8X1/4 PIPE BUSHING PKG25In Stock110.7362.01
M-116 3/4 MPTX1/4 FPT BUSH PKG25INFO591.60331.30
M-117 1/8IN FPT PIPE TEE PKG25INFO183.60102.82
M-118 1/4IN FPT PIPE TEE PKG25INFO317.22177.64
M-119 3/8IN FPT PIPE TEE PKG10INFO480.00268.80
M-124 1/4IN FPT PIPE ELL PKG10In Stock132.6074.26
M-125 3/8IN FPT PIPE ELL PKG10INFO191.76107.39
M-126 1/8 STREET ELBOW PKG50INFO471.98264.31
M-127 1/8 FPT 90 DEG ELL PKG10In Stock303.96170.22
M-135 1/8 FPT SHUT OFF COCK PKG5In Stock260.10145.66
M-136 1/4 FPT SHUT OFF COCK PKG5INFO253.98142.23
M-141 1/8IN MPT HEX NIPPLE PKG25In Stock138.7277.68
M-142 1/4IN MPT HEX NIPPLE PKG25In Stock154.0286.25
M-143 3/8IN MPT NEX NIPPLE PKG25INFO241.74135.37
M-145-1 COUPLING 1/8 FPT PKG25In Stock154.0286.25
M-145-2 COUPLING 1/4 FPT PKG25INFO292.50163.80
M-312 1/8 TO 1/2 PLASTIC TUBE CTRIn Stock46.9226.28
M-622 1/4IN COPPER STRAP PKG100In Stock86.7048.55
M-623 3/8IN COPPER STRAP PKG100In Stock111.1862.26
M-628 DOUBLE PIPE CLAMP PKG100In Stock94.8653.12


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