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D-3000, D-4000 Series

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D-3000, D-4000 Series

Pneumatic Damper Actuators D-3000, D-4000 Series

Pneumatic Damper Actuators


The Johnson Controls D-3000 Series pneumatic damper actuators provide a wide range of forces to handle applications from VAV control dampers to inlet vanes. The D-3062 and D-3153 have models that are UL/ULC listed for smoke damper applications.The D-4000 Series actuators are constructed of a glass reinforced polymer with synthetic elastomer diaphragms.They include barb fittings for 5/32" or 1/4" OD poly tubing.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
D-3031-3 PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR, 5-10PSIGINFO242.00121.00
D-3062-1 DAMPER ACTUATOR 3-7#, 2INSTROKEINFO269.00134.50
D-3062-101 AUXILIARY MOUNTING BRACKETIn Stock181.0090.50
D-3062-2 DAMPER ACTUATOR 5-10#,2INSTROKEIn Stock287.00143.50
D-3062-3 DAMPER ACT. 8-13#,2IN STROKEINFO263.00131.50
D-3062-41 DAMPER ACTUATOR 3-7#, 2INSTROKEINFO551.00275.50
D-3153-1 DAMPER ACT.8-13SR W/BKT & POS.INFO1,382.00691.00
D-3153-110 PIVOT POSTINFO12.006.00
D-3153-2 DAMPER ACT.8-13SR W/UNIV.BRKT.In Stock936.00468.00
D-3153-3 DMP.ACT. 5-10#,3INSTROKEINFO933.00466.50
D-3153-4 DAMPER ACT. 8-13#, 3IN STROKEINFO1,382.00691.00
D-3153-5 8-13 PSI ACTUATORINFO892.00446.00
D-3153-5130 PNEU ACT, 8-13PSIGINFO383.00191.50
D-3153-6 5-10 PSI ACTUATORINFO876.00438.00
D-3244-1 DMPR ACT 8-13 FLOOR MT, 10.2 STR, POSINFO6,977.003,488.50
D-3244-2 DUPLEX PNEU ACT W/ FLOOR MOUNTINFO9,201.004,600.50
D-3244-3 8-13#,4INSTROKE,W/SWIVELINFO2,218.001,109.00
D-3244-5100 PNEU ACT, 8-13PSIG POSINFO1,165.00582.50
D-3244-5110 PNEU ACT, 8-13PSIGINFO648.00324.00
D-3246-3 DUPLEX PNEU ACT W/ FLOOR MOUNTINFO11,044.005,522.00
D-3246-5100 PNEU ACT, 8-13PSIG POSINFO1,659.00829.50
D-3246-5110 PNEU ACT, 8-13PSIG W/O POSINFO1,165.00582.50
D-4070-2 DAMPER ACTUATOR-2 STAGEINFO895.00447.50
D-4073-1 DMP.ACT. 8-13#, 3IN STROKEINFO1,004.00502.00
D-4073-2 DAMPER ACT.3-13 SR W/UNIV.BRKTINFO728.00364.00
D-4073-3 DMPR ACT 5-10 W/UNIV BRACKETINFO728.00364.00
D-4073-4 DMPR ACT 8-13 W/AUX BRACKET, POSINFO943.00471.50
D-4073-5 DMPR ACT 8-13 W/AUX BRACKETINFO540.00270.00
D-4073-6 DMPR ACT 5-10 W/AUX BRACKETINFO532.00266.00
D-9502-5 POSITIONER KIT FOR D3244 & 46INFO608.00304.00
D-9502-8 SINGLE STAGE PILOT POSITIONERIn Stock732.00366.00
D3246-1 8-13#,6IN STROKE, SWI.MTDINFO2,188.001,094.00
D3246-2 DIRECT ACTING,8-13#,PILOT POS.INFO2,643.001,321.50


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Connections:Barb for 1/4" OD poly tubing

Diaphragm:Synthetic elastomer

Operating Temperature:-20° to 150℉ (-29° to 66℃)

Maximum Pressure Rating:25 psig (172 kPa)

Warranty:1 year