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Pneumatic Air Supply Compression Fittings C-Series

Pneumatic Air Supply Compression Fittings


Kele offers a complete selection of compression fittings.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
C-132 3/16X1/8 MPT COMP FTG PKG50INFO196.00109.76
C-133 1/4X1/8 MPT COMP FTG PKG50In Stock166.0092.96
C-134 1/4X1/4 MPT COMP FTG PKG50In Stock241.00134.96
C-134-3 3/8 MPT TO 1/4 COMP PKG10In Stock223.00124.88
C-135 3/8X1/8 MPT COMP FTG PKG25In Stock156.0087.36
C-136 3/8X1/4 MPT COMP FTG PKG25In Stock145.0081.20
C-137 3/8X3/8 MPT COMP FTG PKG25INFO211.00118.16
C-137-4 1/2 MPT TO 3/8 COMP PKG25INFO458.00256.48
C-138 1/2X1/4 MPT COMP FTG PKG10In Stock120.0067.20
C-139 1/2X3/8 MPT COMP FTG PKG25INFO431.00241.36
C-140 1/2X1/2 MPT COMP FTG PKG25In Stock356.00199.36
C-145 3/16X1/8 FPT COMP FTG PKG25INFO242.00135.52
C-146 1/4X1/8 FPT COMP FTG PKG25In Stock113.0063.28
C-147 1/4X1/4 FPT COMP FTG PKG10In Stock96.0053.76
C-149 3/8X1/4 FPT COMP FTG PKG10In Stock104.0058.24
C-151 1/4IN COMP LINE VLV PKG10INFO224.00125.44
C-152 3/8IN COMP LINE VLV PKG10In Stock325.00182.00
C-231 3/16X3/16 COMP UNIONS PKG25INFO151.0084.56
C-232 1/4X3/16 COMP UNIONS PKG10INFO209.00117.04
C-233 1/4X1/4 COMP UNIONS PKG50In Stock279.00156.24
C-234 3/8X1/4 COMP UNION PKG10In Stock167.0093.52
C-235 3/8X3/8 COMP UNION PKG50In Stock403.00225.68
C-236 1/2X3/8 COMP UNION PKG10INFO312.00174.72
C-237 1/2X1/2 COMP UNION PKG25INFO418.00234.08
C-331 3/16X3/16X3/16 COMP TEE PKG10INFO293.00164.08
C-333 1/4X1/4X1/4 COMP TEE PKG25In Stock304.00170.24
C-335 3/8X3/8X1/4 COMP TEE PKG10In Stock260.00145.60
C-336 3/8X3/8X3/8 COMP TEE PKG25INFO442.00247.52
C-338 1/2X1/2X3/8 COMP TEE PKG10In Stock883.00494.48
C-361 1/4X1/4X1/8MPT COMP T PKG10INFO208.00116.48
C-362 1/4X1/8MPTX1/4 COMP T PKG10INFO218.00122.08
C-369 1/8 MPTX1/8FPTX1/4 TEE PKG10INFO220.00123.20
C-370 1/4X1/8MPTX1/8FPT TEE PKG10In Stock476.00266.56
C-372 1/4X1/4X1/8 FPT TEE PKG10In Stock193.00108.08
C-375 1/4X1/4 BHEAD FITTING PKG10In Stock164.0091.84
C-376 3/8X3/8 BHEAD FITTING PKG10INFO343.00192.08
C-381 1/4IN PLASTIC FERRULE PKG200In Stock211.00118.16
C-381-C FERRULE BRASS 1/4 PKG200In Stock190.00106.40
C-381-N NUT BRASS 1/4 PKG100INFO214.00119.84
C-382 3/8IN PLASTIC FERRULE PKG100INFO165.0092.40
C-382-C FERRULE BRASS 3/8 PKG200INFO190.00106.40
C-383 1/2IN PLASTIC FERRULE PKG100INFO159.0089.04
C-384 1/4IN TUBE INSERT PKG200In Stock165.7392.81
C-385 3/8 POLY TUBE INSERT PKG200In Stock214.32120.02
C-386 1/2 PLAST TUBE INSERT PKG100INFO105.0058.80
C-521 1/4X1/4 COMP ELL PKG10In Stock115.0064.40
C-523 3/8X3/8 COMP ELL PKG10In Stock220.00123.20
C-524 1/2X1/2 COMP ELL PKG10INFO250.00140.00
C-532 3/16X1/8 MPT COMP ELL PKG100INFO986.00552.16
C-535 1/4X1/8 MPT COMP ELL PKG50In Stock313.00175.28
C-536 1/4X1/4 MPT COMP ELL PKG50INFO399.00223.44
C-538 3/8X1/4 MPT COMP ELL PKG25In Stock329.00184.24
C-539 3/8X3/8 MPT COMP ELL PKG25INFO439.00245.84
C-541 1/2X3/8 MPT COMP ELL PKG10INFO259.00145.04
C-542 1/2X1/2 MPT COMP ELL PKG10In Stock320.00179.20
C-552 1/4X1/8 FPT COMP ELL PKG5In Stock174.0097.44


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