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B Series, R-3710, F-1000 Series

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B Series, R-3710, F-1000 Series

Pneumatic Air Supply Barb Fittings B Series, R-3710, F-1000 Series

Pneumatic Air Supply Barb Fittings


Kele B Series, R-3710, F-1000 Series pneumatic air supply barb fittings offer a comprehensive range of fittings for pneumatic applications in the HVAC or building automation systems, BAS, setting.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
20YZ81 12-8 RB-B BUSHING 3/4-1/2INFO92.0051.52
215PN-2 1/8IN CLOSE NIPPLEIn Stock7.003.92
B-123 1/4X1/4B SOLDER FTG PKG100INFO687.00384.72
B-130 3/16X1/8 MPT FTG PKG100INFO930.00520.80
B-131-10 5/32-1/4X1/8 MPT FTG PKG100In Stock741.00414.96
B-132 1/4X1/8 MPT FTG PKG100In Stock209.00117.04
B-133 3/8X1/8 MPT FTG PKG100In Stock263.23147.41
B-134 3/8X1/4 MPT FTG PKG50In Stock269.00150.64
B-135 1/4X1/8 FPT FTG PKG100In Stock295.00165.20
B-136 3/16X1/4 COMP FTG PKG5In Stock103.0057.68
B-137 1/4X1/4 COMP FTG PKG50In Stock209.00117.04
B-138 1/4X1/4 COMP BHEAD PKG25In Stock279.00156.24
B-139 3/8X3/8 COMP BHEAD PKG25In Stock681.00381.36
B-141 3/8 BARB TO BARB BLKHD PKG25INFO770.00431.20
B-142 1/4X1/4 BHEAD BARB PKG50In Stock271.00151.76
B-157 1/8 FNPT BLKHEAD BRASS PKG10INFO383.00214.48
B-260 5/32X5/32 FR TUBE CPLG PKG50In Stock99.4655.70
B-261 1/4X5/32 BARB COUPLING PKG50In Stock91.5151.24
B-263 1/4X1/4 COUPLING PKG50In Stock94.0052.64
B-264 3/8X3/8 COUPLING PKG50In Stock98.5855.21
B-265 3/8X1/4 COUPLING PKG50In Stock99.0055.44
B-266 1/2X3/8 COUPLING PKG25In Stock282.00157.92
B-267 1/2X1/2 COUPLING PKG25In Stock137.1476.80
B-371 1/4X1/4X1/8 MPT TEE PKG25INFO563.00315.28
B-372 1/4X1/8 MPTX1/4 TEE PKG5INFO92.0051.52
B-373 1/4X1/4X1/8 FPT TEE PKG25In Stock295.00165.20
B-373-1 1/4X1/4X1/8 FPT MTG EARS PKG10In Stock165.0092.40
B-374 5/32 BARBED TEE PKG100In Stock922.00516.32
B-375 1/4X1/4X5/32 BARB TEE PKG100In Stock542.84303.99
B-376 1/4X1/4X1/4 BARB TEE PKG100In Stock329.00184.24
B-377 3/8X3/8X1/4 BARB TEE PKG100In Stock551.00308.56
B-378 3/8X3/8X3/8 BARB TEE PKG100In Stock466.07261.00
B-379 1/2X1/2X1/4 BARB TEE PKG5In Stock184.00103.04
B-381 1/2X1/2X1/2 BARB TEE PKG5In Stock163.0091.28
B-382 3/8X3/8X5/32 BARB TEE PKG100INFO1,875.001,050.00
B-387 1/4X1/8MPTX1/8FPT TEE PKG5In Stock214.00119.84
B-391 1/4 OR 5/32 BARB PLUG PKG50In Stock94.4452.89
B-392 3/8IN BARB PLUG PKG50In Stock145.0081.20
B-393 1/2IN BARB PLUG PKG50In Stock540.00302.40
B-569 1/4X5/32 BARBED ELL PKG100In Stock1,978.001,107.68
B-570 5/32X1/8 MPT ELL PKG100INFO1,407.00787.92
B-571 1/4X1/8 MPT ELL PKG100In Stock419.44234.88
B-572 1/4X1/8 FPT ELL PKG100INFO749.00419.44
B-573 1/4X1/4 BARB ELL PKG100In Stock394.31220.81
B-574 3/8X3/8 BARB ELL PKG100In Stock623.56349.20
B-575 1/2X1/2 BARB 90 DEG ELL PKG5In Stock93.0052.08
F-DP-FIX-1/4 5/16IN X 3/16IN CLEAR TUBING WITH 1/4 X 1/4 COUPLINGS (X2)In Stock21.0011.76
F-DP-FIX-3/8 5/16IN X 3/16IN CLEAR TUBING WITH 3/8 X 1/4 COUPLINGS (X2)In Stock21.3011.93
R-3710-2005 RESTRICTOR, .005In Stock18.0010.08
R-3710-2007 .007 RESTRICTOR W/ 1/4IN BARBIn Stock20.0011.20
X-B-132 1/4 X 1/8 MPT ADAPTER - INDIVIDUAL PIECEIn Stock8.004.48
X-B-134 3/8 X 1/4 MPT ADAPTER INDIVIDUAL ITEMIn Stock14.007.84


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