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243-0009 Series

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243-0009 Series

Siemens/Powers Multi-Purpose Relay 243-0009 Series

Siemens/Powers Multi-Purpose Relay


The Siemens/Powers 243-0009 Series Multi-Purpose Relay is a pneumatic auxiliary device designed to provide a variety of pneumatic control functions for the typical control system. Applications include direct and reverse acting amplifying, signal advancing, minimum pressure relay, and lower pressure transfer. The relay operated on a force balance principal and is provided with a Powers two-valve design to assure stability and prevent unnecessary air consumption. Internal relief assembly prevents signal lock-up and assures fail-safe operation.


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  • Integral brackets
  • Single spring adjustment
  • Adaptable for flush panel mounting

Instrument Air Supply:

Normal:0-25 psi (0 to 172 kPa)

Maximum:30 psi (207 kPa)


Ambient:40 to 120℉ (4.4 to 49℃)

Storage:-20 to 120℉ (-29 to 49℃)

Adjustments:Spring S1 0 to 25 psi (0 to 172 kPa)

Hysteresis:Within 0.25 psi (1.7 kPa)

Relief Valve Differential:Within 1.0 psi (6.89 kPa)


Panel Mounting:For flush mounting, with adjustable knob

 :dial plate and mounting bracket

Surface Bracket:For exposed surface mouting

 :(Use with Panel Mounting Kit)

Dimensions:4 3/8″H x 2 1/22″W x 3″D

 :(111.13 x 81.6 x 76.2 cm)