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184 Series

Siemens/Powers Temperature Transmitters 184 Series

Siemens/Powers Temperature Transmitters


The Siemens/Powers 184-00XX Series Temperature Transmitters are direct acting, one-pipe instruments that sense temperature and transmit a proportional pneumatic signal. Normally, this signal is transmitted to a remotely located receiver gauge and/or receiver-controller. The receiver gauge would be calibrated to read directly in temperature.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
182-624 T'STAT ACC,GYM GUARD,D/NINFO117.0062.01
182-685 T'STAT ACC, MTG KIT, FINISHINFO114.0060.42
184-0001 PNEU TT184 XMTR/RGD BLB/35/135INFO432.00228.96
184-0002 PNEU TT184 XMTR/RGD BLB/50/100INFO444.00235.32
184-0003 PNEU TT184 XMTR/RGD BLB/80/240INFO455.00241.15
184-0004 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/35/135INFO567.00300.51
184-0005 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/-40/120INFO439.00232.67
184-0006 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/-40/120/ARIn Stock479.00253.87
184-0014 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/80/240INFO439.00232.67
184-0015 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/-10/65INFO491.00260.23
184-0018 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/50/100INFO479.00253.87
184-0028 PNEU TT184 XMTR/RGD BLB/0/100INFO432.00228.96
184-0034 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/35/135INFO434.00230.02
184-0036 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/0/100INFO434.00230.02
184-0041 PNEU TT184 XMTR REM BLB 30/190INFO470.00249.10
184-0048 PNEU TT184 XMTR/REM BLB/0/100INFO598.00316.94
184-0340 PNEU/TT184 TEMP XMTR/ROOM/50/100INFO835.00442.55
184-112 RS TEE KIT,10 SCIM,POLYINFO63.0033.39
184-113 RS TEE KIT,20 SCIM,POLYINFO52.0027.56
184-114 RS TEE KIT,40 SCIM,POLYINFO51.0027.03
184-116 RS BODY KIT,20 SCIM,POLYIn Stock52.0027.56
184-117 RS BODY KIT,40 SCIM,POLYINFO51.0027.03
184-119 TT184 TEMP TRANS,COPPER WELLINFO258.00136.74
188-0024 REVERSE ACTING 20 SCIMINFO596.00315.88
188-0030 HEATING/COOLING 40 SCIMIn Stock728.00385.84
188-0031 UNIT MTD STAT,DA,40 SCIMINFO431.00228.43


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  • Rapid response to temperature changes over their full range
  • Internal feedback for excellent linearity and accuracy
  • Variety of sensing elements and temperature ranges

Control Action: Direct acting

Output Air Pressure: 3 to 15 psi (21 to 103 kPa)

Ambient Temperature Range:45 to 120℉ (4.4 to 49℃)

Input (Supply) Air Pressure:

Restrictor Size: 40 scim (11 ml/s)

Calibration Pressure:22 ± 1.0 psig (152 ± 6.9 kPa)

Maximum: 30 psig (207 kPa)

Thermal System:

Room: Bimetal

Rigid Bulb: Rod and tube

Remote Bulb: Liquid filled

Nominal Air Consumption:35 scim (10 ml/sec)


Room: Wall terminal

Rigid Bulb: Mounting flange

Remote Bulb: Mounting flange or well bracket mounting kit

Average Bulb: Mounting flange

Air Connection: 1/8″ NPT

Cover Finish:

Room: Desert beige

Rigid, Averaging and Remote Bulb:Gray

Dimensions: 3 11/32″H x 2 5/32″W x 1 19/32″D

 : (8.5 x 5.5 x 4.0 cm)