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Wireless LonWorks Transceiver WLT900

Wireless LonWorks Transceiver


The WLT900-K wireless LonWorks transceiver provides a reliable and cost effective solution for networking buildings and other remote sites without long runs of Lon cable. Install the transceiver to establish LonWorks communication for close range (100 feet) or up to 40 miles with a higher gain antenna. The wireless protocol features a dynamic addressing scheme that simplifies node-to-node communication in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications. Plug-and-play, PnP, technology requires no special programming or network management tools. Operation requires a minimum of two transceivers.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
WLT900-1-KIT WLT900, RD3DB In Stock2,136.881,709.50
WLT900-12-KIT WLT900, CC 3, AIC12.5P In Stock2,516.602,013.28
WLT900-13-KIT WLT900, CC 3, 3DB LOW PROFILE In Stock2,466.971,973.58
WLT900-14-KIT WLT900, CC 3, 3DB BASE In Stock2,705.932,164.74
WLT900-20-KIT WLT900, CC 1, LMR600-15, 3DB LOW PROFILE In Stock2,890.372,312.30
WLT900-21-KIT WLT900, CC 1, LMR600-15, 3DB BASE In Stock3,173.072,538.46
WLT900-23-KIT WLT900, CC 1, LMR600-30, AIC11AW In Stock3,033.072,426.46
WLT900-27-KIT WLT900, CC 1, LMR600-30, 3DB LOW PROFILE In Stock2,992.682,394.14
WLT900-35-KIT WLT900, CC 1,WPENCL100809, CC 2, 3DB BASE INFO3,173.072,538.46
WLT900-51 WLT900, CC 3,WPENCL100808, 3DB LOW PROFILE In Stock2,848.632,278.90


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  • Peer-to-peer protocol
  • Ultra-fast sync time
  • Variable output 5 mW to 1000 mW
  • No complex programming required
  • Ranges from 100 feet to several miles

Device Operation:

Supply Voltage:24 VAC/VDC @100ma (Isolated power required)

Comm Input/Output :TP/FT10


Indication:Dedicated LED and 9 segment display

Display :

 :2 digit channel indication (01-12)

 :1 digit Link Quality

 :LED 4, (RFTX, RFRX, Link, Power)

Mounting :DIN rail

Wiring :

Power :2 plug-in terminals

Comm. :3 plug-in terminals & USB-B connector

Antenna :RPSMA female

Operating Temperature:-4° to 158℉ (-20° to 70℃)

Operating Humidity :10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Construction:Aluminum case w/DIN rail clip

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1

Dimensions:4.3″H x 1.75″W x 3.35″D, (10.9 x 8.5 x 4.45 cm)

Weight:0.65 lb (0.28 kg)

Warranty:1 Year

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Protocol (Proprietary, ZigBee, EnOcean) Proprietary:

Frequency (MHz, GHz) 902-928 MHz (12 channel selectable):

256 bit encription:

Modulation (DSSS, FHSS) Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum - (DSSS):

Transmit Power (db. and mw) 21 dBm (121mW), (4W EIRP w/15 dBi antenna):

Receiver Sensitivity, (db. and mw) -97 dBm, (-112 dBm with 15 dBi antenna):

Open Air Range, (Ft, Meters) See antenna selection table (1300’ to 40 miles):

RF Transmission time 1.536 Mb/s:

Data Throughput 935 Kb/s:

Server/Clients Up to 16 Clients per Server, (Best results with 1 to 1):

Antenna, (internal, remote) Remote (order separately):

Channels (max #) 12 channels fixed or auto selectable:

Device Addresses (max number) 17, however 2- (1 to 1) works best:

Programming (how) Direct to laptop:

Repeater Capable Yes, Each unit can serve as a repeater:

Compliance (FCC, RoHS, IEEE) FCC ID: R4N-AW900M, IC:5303AAW900M; RoHS: