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LGATE-9xx Series

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LGATE-9xx Series

LONworks/BACnet and Universal Gateways LGATE-9xx Series

LONworks/BACnet and Universal Gateways


The Loytec LGATE-900 is a CEA-709/BACnet gateway which allows seamless integration of systems using both communication standards by mapping CEA-709 network variables (NVs) to standard BACnet server objects. LGATE-900 is fully compliant with the standards CEA-709, CEA-852, and EN 14908 (LonMark system) as well as ASHRAE 135-2008 and ISO 16484-5. Analog, binary, and multistate BACnet objects (input/output) are mapped to NVs based on the CEN/TS 15231:2005 standard. BACnet properties are automatically configured with default values from the SNVT self-description. Scalar NVs are mapped to one BACnet object each. Structured NVs are mapped to several BACnet object, one for each member (members can be selected individually). Each LGATE-900 can handle up to 750 BACnet Objects. Several devices can be installed in a network at the same time. LGATE-95x allows a smooth integration between LonMark Systems, BACnet networks, KNX networks, Modbus devices, M-Bus devices as well as ZigBee PRO wireless devices. Network variables are mapped to binary, analog, or multi-state objects (input, output, value) according to the CEN/TS 15231:2005 standard. Data points can be manually or automatically generated across multiple protocols. In addition to analog, binary and multistate objects LGATE-95x supports alarming, scheduling and trending. They can be either connected through their Ethernet/IP ports to LonMark IP-852, BACnet/IP, KNXnet/IP and Modbus TCP simultaneously or to TP/FT-10, BACnet MS/TP channels, Modbus RTU and KNX TP1 respectively.


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  • Fully compliant with ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2008 and ISO 16484-5 (BACnet)
  • Fully compliant with CEA-709, CEA-852 and EN 14908 (LON)
  • Built-in Web server for device configuration
  • Support alarming, scheduling and trending
  • Network diagnostic LEDs (LGATE-900)
  • 128x64 display with backlight (LGATE-95x)
  • Local and remote access to information about device status and data points (LGATE-95x)
  • DIN rail mountable

Supply Voltage:

LGATE-900:12 to 24 VAC @ 3 VA / 50-60 Hz, 12-35 VDC @ 125 mA

LGATE-95x:24 VAC @ 2.5 VA / 50-60 Hz, 24 VDC @ 100 mA


LGATE-900:Type CEA-709, BACnet, OPC XML-DA

LGATE-95x:Type CEA-709, BACnet, Modbus, OPC XML-DA, KNX, M-Bus


LGATE-900:1x Ethernet (100Base-T) Lonmark IP-852, BACnet/IP, HTTP, FTP, 1x TP/FT-10, 1x BACnet MS/TP

LGATE-95x:2x Ethernet (100Base-T), Lonmark IP-852, BACnet/IP, HTTP, FTP, KNXnet/IP, Modbus TCP (Master or Slave); 1x TP/FT-10 (Lonmark System); 1x BACnet MS/TP; 1x Modbus RTU (Master or Slave); 1x EXT (alternatively for M-Bus Master EN13757-3 with L-MBUS20/80, KNX TP1 with LKNX-300)


LGATE-900:4.21″W x 3.94″H x 2.36″D (10.7 x 10.0 x 6.0 cm)

LGATE-95x: 6.26"W x 3.94"H x 2.95"D (15.9 x 10.0 x 7.5 cm)

Operating Temperature:32° to 112℉ (0° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity:0-90% RH non-condensing


LGATE-900: 0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)

LGATE-95x:0.77 lbs (0.35 kg)

Approvals:CE, FCC

Warranty:2 years