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EasySens Room Sensors

EnOcean Room Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensors EasySens Room Sensors

EnOcean Room Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensors


The Thermokon EasySens Room Sensors are EnOcean wireless sensors with variety of options in temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensing. Models with setpoint control, override, and occupancy detection are also available. These sensors communicate with other Thermokon EnOcean based receiver controllers (model frequency dependent).


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  • EnOcean wireless at 902MHz
  • Easy to install with learn button
  • Adjustable transmission interval
  • Variety of sensing and control model options


Supply Voltage:Application dependent

 :Temp. & RH Solar cell standard, 2 cm² goldcap,

 :Opt. Battery 3.6V, 1.1Ah, 1/2 AA, Lithium LS14250

 :Battery life 5+ years @100 second intervals

 :CO2 24 VAC, ±10%; 15-25 VDC, ±10% (No Battery)

Sensor Type:

 :Temperature Thermistor

 :Humidity Capacitive

 :CO2 Non-Dispersive Infrared) (NDIR)

 :Occ. IR Occupancy

 :Opt.Setpoint Dial POT

 :Opt. Override Momentary push button

 :Opt. Fan 5 Dial positions

Transmitted Range Value:

 :Temperature 32° to 104℉, (0 to 40℃)

 :Humidity 0-100%

 :CO2 0-2550 PPM

 :Occ. Motion/No motion @32' 100° angle

 :Opt. Setpoint Cooler/Warmer (Center setpoint)

 :Opt. Override Momentary

 :Opt. Fan Auto/Off/Low/Med/High positions


 :Temperature ± 0.72℉, (± 0.4℃)

 :Humidity Accuracy ±3%, (30 to 80%)

 :CO2 ±40ppm + 4% of reading, ABC Automatic Re-calb.

Indication:CO2 only

 :CO2 LCD 3 digit display or 3 level LEDs

 :CO2 and (Temp and/or RH) as ordered

 :Under sensor cover

Time Interval:TI-Jumper, (10, 100, 1000 seconds), Send signal

Time Wakeup:TW-Jumper, (100 or 1,000 seconds), Measures value

Program Learning:Button

A/D resolution:10 bit resolution

Mounting:Wall mount, vertical, indoor use only


 :Temp., RH None

 :CO2 2 field terminals, 22-18 AWG

Operating Temperature:-13° to 149℉ (-25° to 65℃)

Operating Humidity:0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Construction:ABS Plastic, UL94 V-0

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1 (IP30)

Dimensions:0.98″H x 3.3″W x 3.3″D, (25 x 84.5 x 84.5 mm)

Weight:0.29 lb (0.13 kg)

Warranty:2 years



Frequency:902 MHz

Modulation:Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)

Transmit Power:10 mW (10 dBm)

Open Air Range:328 ft (100m)

Low Battery Indication:Yes, for Temp and RH only units

Transmission time:20ms

Transmission Interval:On COS or every 100 seconds standard, ±20% dither

 :Can be field set 10, 100 or 1000 seconds



Device Addresses:100 transmissions per minute

Programming:Push button in field

EnOcean Equipment Profil:EEP #, Defines payload and control sequence use

 :SR04 A5-02-05 Temperature (Temp) Only

 :SR04P A5-10-03 Temp & Setpoint (SP)

 :SR04T A5-10-0C Temp & Occupancy (Occ)

 :SR04P-MS A5-10-06 Temp, SP & Override (Ovd) button

 :SR04PT A5-10-05 Temp, SP, Occ

 :SR04PS A5-10-04 Temp, SP, Fan Speed (FS)

 :SR04PST A5-10-01 Temp, SP, FS, Occ

 :SR04-RH A5-04-01 Temp, Humidity (RH)

 :SR04P-RH A5-10-12 Temp, RH, SP

 :SR04PT-RH A5-10-10 Temp, RH, SP, Occ

 :SR04P-MS-rH A5-10-11 Temp, RH, Ovd

 :SR04-CO2xx A5-09-04 CO2, Temp, RH, LCD

Repeater Capable:Yes, (can increase open air range x2)

Compliance:FCC ID# T4F061213RSO, RoHS, CE