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Auto Dialer DL-125C

Auto Dialer


The Visonic DL-125C automatic programmable speech dialer is designed for twin contact closure input. It will automatically dial out and alert up to four numbers per alarm. The 20-second voice message is digitally stored in non-volatile memory and may be changed at any time. The unit is powered by 12 VDC and may be connected to any phone line with pulse or tone dialing. The DL-125C is ideal for panel mounting and alarming any contact input such as temperature high or low limits, water leak detection, refrigerant leak, CO2 limit alarm, control failure, and a host of other purposes.


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  • Normally-open or normally-closed dual contact input
  • Screw terminal strip connection
  • 20 seconds of digitally stored voice
  • Site monitor microphone
  • Line seizure capability
  • Compact design
  • Keypad interface
  • Phone line failure output

Supply Voltage:11-28 VDC @ 1-5 mA

Connection:Terminal strip

Phone:Tone (DTMF) or pulse


Alarm Input (AL):2 alarm inputs

AL 1:Configurable NO or NC

AL 2:Configurable NO or NC

Alarm Out (LF):Phone line fail, 30 Volt triac

Dial Alert:LED indication during use


Controls:12-key number pad

1 program and 1 stop button:

2 alarm buttons (AL-1, AL-2):

Memory:EEPROM, non-volatile

No. of Calls:4 calls per alarm maximum or 2 pager calls maximum

Numbers / dial-out:20 numbers maximum

Messages:2, each using 2 segments

Message: 1, segment 1 & 2

Message :2, segment 1 & 3

Segment 1:14.5 seconds, activated for both alarms

Segment 2:2.5 seconds, identifies alarm AL-1

Segment 3:2.5 seconds, identifies alarm AL-1

Message Length:

Overall:20 seconds for all segments

Dialing Attempts:Adjustable, 1-15

Message Repeats:Adjustable, 1-255

Time Between Repeats:3 seconds

Dialer trigger delay:Adjustable, 1-255 seconds

Listen-in Function:Adjustable (enable/disable)

Listen-in Duration:Adjustable, 1-255 seconds

Acknowledge:First call or all calls (enable/disable)

Enclosure:NEMA 1

Operating Temperature:32° to 122℉ (0°to 50℃)

Dimensions:4.25″H x 6.0″W x 1.4″D

(10.5 x 15.0 x 3.5 cm):

Weight:0.5 lb (0.24 Kg)


Warranty:1 year


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