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Honeywell All Purpose Variable Frequency Drives SMARTVFD HVAC

Honeywell All Purpose Variable Frequency Drives


SmartVFD HVAC drives are all-purpose, and can handle both constant-torque and variable-torque loads. The firmware includes special features that make start-up and commissioning of HVAC applications especially easy. Application-specific startup wizards for pumps and fans, combined with the simple and intuitive user interface, make the SmartVFD a pleasure rather than a chore. Integration is a snap with the SmartVFD. It includes both Ethernet and RS485 connections, and will talk BACnet, Modbus, and JCI N2. Take the complexity out of drive selection, installation, and startup - choose SmartVFD for your HVAC projects and start saving time, money, and manpower as well as energy.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
HVFDSD3A0500G100A VFD 50HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO11,701.279,361.02
HDSD3A0500GN3R VFD 50HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO20,913.0816,730.46
HVFDSD3A0600G100A VFD 60HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO13,315.6310,652.50
HVFDSD3A0600G200A VFD 60HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO13,828.4711,062.78
HDSD3A0600GN3R VFD 60HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO22,636.1218,108.90
HVFDSD3A0750G100A VFD 75HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO16,142.4612,913.97
HVFDSD3A0750G200A VFD 75HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO17,656.0614,124.85
HVFDSD3A1000G100A VFD 100HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO16,302.0813,041.66
HVFDSD3A1000G200A VFD 100HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO17,626.6314,101.30
HVFDSD3A1250G100A VFD 125HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO18,663.6214,930.90
HVFDSD3A1250G200A VFD 125HP 208/ 230 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO20,195.3316,156.26
HDSD3C0500GN3R VFD 50HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO16,304.3513,043.48
HDSD3C0600GN3R VFD 60HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO18,342.1114,673.69
HDSD3C0750GN3R VFD 75HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO19,827.4115,861.93
HVFDSD3C1000G100A VFD 100HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO16,142.4612,913.97
HVFDSD3C1000G200A VFD 100HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO17,454.5513,963.64
HDSD3C0GN3R VFD 100HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO25,215.0220,172.02
HVFDSD3C1250G100A VFD 125HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO17,454.5513,963.64
HVFDSD3C1250G200A VFD 125HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO19,169.6615,335.73
HVFDSD3C1500G100A VFD 150HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO22,613.4818,090.78
HVFDSD3C1500G200A VFD 150HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N12 INFO23,753.4919,002.79
HDSD3C1500GN3R VFD 150HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N3R INFO31,236.6124,989.29
HVFDSD3C2500G100A VFD 250HP 460 VAC GRAPH D N1 INFO36,453.2729,162.62
HVFDSD3A0010G100A VFD HV,1 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,008.321,606.66
HVFDSD3A0010G200A VFD HV,1 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,225.681,780.54
HVFDSD3A0010G300 VFD HV, 208V, 1 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,148.384,918.70
HVFDSD3A0015G100A VFD HV,1.5 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,106.821,685.46
HVFDSD3A0015G200A VFD HV,1.5 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,501.912,001.53
HVFDSD3A0015G300 VFD HV, 208V, 1.5 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,252.535,002.02
HVFDSD3A0020G200A VFD HV,2 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,316.261,853.01
HVFDSD3A0020G300 VFD HV, 208V, 2 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,749.884,599.90
HVFDSD3A0030G100A VFD HV,3 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,501.912,001.53
HVFDSD3A0030G200A VFD HV,3 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,489.471,991.58
HVFDSD3A0030G300 VFD HV, 208V, 3 HP,NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,430.265,144.21
HVFDSD3A0050G100A VFD HV,5 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,547.202,037.76
HVFDSD3A0050G200A VFD HV,5 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,903.812,323.05
HVFDSD3A0050G300 VFD HV, 208V, 5 HP,NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,302.345,041.87
HVFDSD3A0075G100A VFD HV,7.5 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO2,903.812,323.05
HVFDSD3A0075G200A VFD HV,7.5 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO3,303.432,642.74
HVFDSD3A0075G300 VFD HV, 208V, 7.5 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO7,069.895,655.91
HVFDSD3A0100G100A VFD HV,10 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO3,304.562,643.65
HVFDSD3A0100G200A VFD HV,10 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO4,228.353,382.68
HVFDSD3A0100G300 VFD HV, 208V, 10 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO7,561.226,048.98
HVFDSD3A0150G100A VFD HV,15 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO3,751.753,001.40
HVFDSD3A0150G200A VFD HV,15 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO4,769.493,815.59
HVFDSD3A0150G300 VFD HV, 208V, 15 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO10,469.568,375.65
HVFDSD3A0200G100A VFD HV,20 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO4,769.493,815.59
HVFDSD3A0200G200A VFD HV,20 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO5,203.084,162.46
HVFDSD3A0200G300 VFD HV, 208V, 20 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO11,204.298,963.43
HVFDSD3A0250G100A VFD HV,25 HP,208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO5,655.924,524.74
HVFDSD3A0250G200A VFD HV,25 HP,208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO6,509.515,207.61
HVFDSD3A0250G300 VFD HV, 208V, 25 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO12,637.5010,110.00
HVFDSD3A0300G100A VFD HV,30 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO7,255.565,804.45
HVFDSD3A0300G200A VFD HV,30 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO7,736.706,189.36
HVFDSD3A0300G300 VFD HV, 208V, 30 HP,NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO13,999.4111,199.53
HVFDSD3A0400G100A VFD HV,40 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA1,DRIVE ALONE INFO8,216.716,573.37
HVFDSD3A0400G200A VFD HV,40 HP, 208-230 V, NEMA12,DRIVE ALONE INFO9,176.717,341.37
HVFDSD3A0400G300 VFD HV, 208V, 40 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO15,365.8512,292.68
HVFDSD3C0015G100A VFD 480V, 1.5HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO1,975.491,580.39
HVFDSD3C0015G200A VFD 480V, 1.5HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,001.531,601.22
HVFDSD3C0015G300 VFD 480V, 1.5HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,560.824,448.66
HVFDSD3C0020G100A VFD 480V, 2HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,106.821,685.46
HVFDSD3C0020G200A VFD 480V, 2HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,251.721,801.38
HVFDSD3C0020G300 VFD 480V, 2HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,610.634,488.50
HVFDSD3C0030G100A VFD 480V, 3HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,265.311,812.25
HVFDSD3C0030G200A VFD 480V, 3HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,377.391,901.91
HVFDSD3C0030G300 VFD 480V, 3HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,762.344,609.87
HVFDSD3C0040G100A VFD 480V, 4HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,243.801,795.04
HVFDSD3C0040G200A VFD 480V, 4HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,310.591,848.47
HVFDSD3C0040G300 VFD 480V, 4HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,906.114,724.89
HVFDSD3C0050G100A VFD 480V, 5HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,316.261,853.01
HVFDSD3C0050G200A VFD 480V, 5HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,585.702,068.56
HVFDSD3C0050G300 VFD 480V, 5HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,049.884,839.90
HVFDSD3C0075G100A VFD 480V, 7.5HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO3,155.142,524.11
HVFDSD3C0075G200A VFD 480V, 7.5HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO2,812.112,249.69
HVFDSD3C0075G300 VFD 480V, 7.5HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,476.685,181.34
HVFDSD3C0100G100A VFD 480V, 10HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO3,246.832,597.46
HVFDSD3C0100G200A VFD 480V, 10HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO3,191.352,553.08
HVFDSD3C0100G300 VFD 480V, 10HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,854.805,483.84
HVFDSD3C0150G100A VFD 480V, 15HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO3,635.142,908.11
HVFDSD3C0150G200A VFD 480V, 15HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO3,707.602,966.08
HVFDSD3C0150G300 VFD 480V, 15HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO7,298.585,838.86
HVFDSD3C0200G100A VFD 480V, 20HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO4,444.583,555.66
HVFDSD3C0200G200A VFD 480V, 20HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO4,531.753,625.40
HVFDSD3C0200G300 VFD 480V, 20HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO7,922.366,337.89
HVFDSD3C0250G100A VFD 480V, 25HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,366.114,292.89
HVFDSD3C0250G200A VFD 480V, 25HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO5,406.864,325.49
HVFDSD3C0250G300 VFD 480V, 25HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO10,778.628,622.90
HVFDSD3C0300G100A VFD 480V, 30HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO7,669.916,135.93
HVFDSD3C0300G200A VFD 480V, 30HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,335.175,068.14
HVFDSD3C0300G300 VFD 480V, 30HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO11,345.799,076.63
HVFDSD3C0400G100A VFD 480V, 40HP, GRD, NEMA1, DRIVE ALONE INFO6,810.735,448.58
HVFDSD3C0400G200A VFD 480V, 40HP, GRD, NEMA12, DRIVE ALONE INFO7,563.496,050.79
HVFDSD3C0400G300 VFD 480V, 40HP, GRD, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO14,740.9311,792.74
HVFDSD3C0500G300 VFD BP,460V, 50 HP,NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO16,304.3513,043.48
HVFDSD3C0600G300 VFD BP,460V, 60 HP, NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO18,342.1114,673.69
HVFDSD3C0750G300 VFD BP,460V, 75 HP,NEMA3R, DRIVE ALONE INFO19,827.4115,861.93
HVFDSD3D0030G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 3HP NEMA1 INFO1,665.111,332.09
HVFDSD3D0030G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 3HP NEMA12 INFO1,831.621,465.30
HVFDSD3D0050G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 5HP NEMA1 INFO2,039.231,631.38
HVFDSD3D0050G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 5HP NEMA12 INFO2,243.151,794.52
HVFDSD3D0075G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 7.5HP NEMA1 INFO2,202.571,762.06
HVFDSD3D0075G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 7.5HP NEMA12 INFO2,422.831,938.27
HVFDSD3D0100G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 10HP NEMA1 INFO2,518.732,014.99
HVFDSD3D0100G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 10HP NEMA12 INFO2,770.612,216.49
HVFDSD3D0150G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 15HP NEMA1 INFO2,961.352,369.08
HVFDSD3D0150G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 15HP NEMA12 INFO3,257.492,605.99
HVFDSD3D0200G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 20HP NEMA1 INFO3,514.642,811.71
HVFDSD3D0200G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 20HP NEMA12 INFO3,866.103,092.88
HVFDSD3D0250G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 25HP NEMA1 INFO4,336.643,469.31
HVFDSD3D0250G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 25HP NEMA12 INFO4,770.323,816.25
HVFDSD3D0300G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 30HP NEMA1 INFO4,968.963,975.17
HVFDSD3D0300G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 30HP NEMA12 INFO5,465.874,372.69
HVFDSD3D0400G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 40HP NEMA1 INFO5,833.144,666.51
HVFDSD3D0400G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 40HP NEMA12 INFO6,416.455,133.16
HVFDSD3D0500G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 50HP NEMA1 INFO7,587.826,070.26
HVFDSD3D0500G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 50HP NEMA12 INFO8,346.606,677.28
HVFDSD3D0600G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 60HP NEMA1 INFO9,179.167,343.33
HVFDSD3D0600G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 60HP NEMA12 INFO10,097.068,077.65
HVFDSD3D0750G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 75HP NEMA1 INFO11,350.119,080.09
HVFDSD3D0750G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 75HP NEMA12 INFO12,485.129,988.10
HVFDSD3D1000G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 100HP NEMA1 INFO13,800.3411,040.27
HVFDSD3D1000G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 100HP NEMA12 INFO15,180.3812,144.31
HVFDSD3D1250G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 125HP NEMA1 INFO16,303.2713,042.62
HVFDSD3D1250G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 125HP NEMA12 INFO17,933.6014,346.88
HVFDSD3D1500G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 150HP NEMA1 INFO19,206.6715,365.34
HVFDSD3D1500G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 150HP NEMA12 INFO21,127.3316,901.87
HVFDSD3D2000G100A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 200HP NEMA1 INFO22,763.4518,210.76
HVFDSD3D2000G200A SMARTVFD HVAC 600VAC 200HP NEMA12 INFO25,039.8120,031.84


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  • Ideal for low to high hp pumps and fans
  • Intuitive commissioning
  • High resolution graphic interface
  • User manual included in firmware
  • Simple start-up wizard - pump or fan
  • Fire mode
  • 2 PID controllers
  • Real-time clock

Supply Voltage:Model specific, 3 phase, 47 to 66 Hz, 380-480 VAC or 200-240 VAC, ±10%

Motor Rating: 0.75 to 250 hp

Frequency Range:0-320 Hz

Acceleration Time:Adjustable 0.1 - 3000 seconds

Deceleration Time:Adjustable 0.1 - 3000 seconds

Digital Inputs (D.I.):6 configurable D.I., 24 VDC= on, 0 VDC= off

Analog Input:Two; 0-010v or 4-20 mA voltage

 :input impedance 200Ω k

 :current impedance 250Ω

Digital Output:Open collector, 48V/ 50 mA

Analog Output:One programmable output; 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA @ 500Ω max.

Relay Outputs:Two SPDT

Load Max.:8A at 24 VDC or 250 VAC, 0.4A at 125 VDC

Load Min.: 10mA at 5 VAC/VDC

Filter Type:5% DC choke, Class 2 GMC/ RFI

EMC:EN50082 (-1, -2), EN61800-3

Communication Protocol:

RS485 (Terminals):JCI N2, MODBUS, BACnet MS/TP

Ethernet (RJ45):BACnet/ IP, Modbus/TCP

LON (Terminals):LonWorks with optional board

Operating Temperature:14° to 104℉ (-10° to 40℃)

Operating Humidity:0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Approvals: UL Listed File E190898, CE, RoHS

Warranty: 3 years