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TS-400 Series

WattStopper Digital Time Switch TS-400 Series

WattStopper Digital Time Switch


The TS-400 Series WattStopper InteliSwitch is a digital time switch that automatically turns the load off after a preset amount of time. The load can be turned off anytime during the timer's countdown by pushing the on/off button. Designed specifically for building automation systems, BAS, these time switches have four user-adjustable features: Time-Out Delay - The timer can be adjusted to hold the load on for five minutes to 12 hours. This is adjusted by setting the on-off button located on the left side of the unit. Time Scrolling - In situations where the load needs to be held on for a different amount of time than the preset time out period, time scrolling allows the user to manually and temporarily override the time out period. Flash Option - If this option is on, the load will flash once, one minute before the time-out period expires. Set this option with the on-off switch. Beeper Option - If this option is on, the timer will beep every five seconds during the last minute of the time-out period. Set this option with the on-off button.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
TS-400-24-W DIGITAL TIME SWITCH 24VAC - WHITEIn Stock207.00115.92
TS-400-W DIGITAL TIME SWITCH 120/277VAC - WHITEIn Stock207.00115.92


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Supply Voltage:Requires power to operate

 :TS-400 100/277 VAC/60 Hz, 15 mA

 :TS-400-24 24 VDC or 24 VAC/60 Hz, 15 mA

Operation:Push Button to start preset count-down timer

 :On activation the contacts transfer from normal

Relay Output Configuration:

 :TS-400 SPST-N.O., Referance to AC neutral

 :TS-40024 SPDT-Isolated low voltage contact

Contact Current:

 :TS-400 Ballast @120 VAC, 800W

 :Ballast @277 VAC, 1200W

 :1/6 HP @125 VAC

 :TS-400-24 1A @30V AC/DC

Manual Override:Manual button Imediate "ON/OFF"

Clock Not Specified:

Clock Accuracy Not Specified:

Special Functions:Opt. 1 minute "Flash" before OFF

 :Temperary "Time scrolling" hold ON

Indicators:xx db Audible beep (Can be disabled)

Battery Backup Not Specified:

Schedules:Not Specified

Timers:Countdown Timer 5 min to 12 hours

 :Count-Down Adjustable to 5 min. to 1 Hour, in 5 min. increments

 :Count Down Adjustable to 1 hour to 12 Hours, in 15 min. increments


Schedule Transfer:


Display:4 digit Backlit LCD

Local Set-up & Control:


Operating Temperature:32° to 104℃ ( 0° to 40℃)

Operating Humidity:5% to 95% Non-condensing

Wiring Terminations:

 :Terminals 12-14 AWG

Mounting:Vertical, Single gang switch box (not included)

Color:Plastic plate in White

Enclosure Rating:Indoor

Dimensions:1.79″W x 2.66″H x 1.76″D, (4.6 x x6.7 x 4.5 cm)

Weight:0.4 lb (0.181kg)

Approvals:UL and cUL listed

Warranty:5 year


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