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AF16 Series

ABB Lighting Contactors AF16 Series

ABB Lighting Contactors


The ABB AF16 Series lighting contactors are electrically-held four-pole contactors available with normally closed or normally open contacts. The contacts are rated for 30A general purpose, ballast and tungsten. Compact size, surface or DIN rail mounting, and a unique detachable coil interface make installation simple. Normally closed contacts ensure the lights stay on if the control circuit fails.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AF16-22-00-11 2 NO 2 NC 30A CONTACTOR 24-60VAC/20-60VDC COILINFO208.00116.48
AF16-22-00-13 2 NO 2 NC 30A CONTACTOR 100-250 VAC/VDC COILINFO208.00116.48
AF16-22-00-14 2 NO 2 NC 30A CONTACTOR 250-500 VAC/VDC COILINFO208.00116.48
AF16-22-00-41 2 NO 2 NC 30A CONTACTOR 24-60 VAC COILINFO208.00116.48
AF16-40-00-11 4 NO 30A CONTACTOR 24-60VAC/20-60VDC COILINFO226.00126.56
AF16-40-00-13 4 NO 30A CONTACTOR 100-250 VAC/VDC COILIn Stock226.00126.56
AF16-40-00-14 4 NO 30A CONTACTOR 250-500 VAC/VDC COILINFO226.00126.56
AF16-40-00-41 4 NO 30A CONTACTOR 24-60 VAC COILINFO226.00126.56


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  • Up to four single-phase loads per contactor
  • 277 VAC and 347 VAC in a single coil
  • Electronic coils eliminate chatter and hum
  • Integral coil surge suppression
  • Four normally open (N.O.) or combo two normally open (N.O.) & two normally closed (N.C.) styles

Supply Voltage:24 to 60 VAC, Maintain to hold coil

 :100 to 500 VAC/VDC, Maintain to hold coil

Coil Current:

 :Pull-in 50 VA, 45-95ms

 :Hold 2.2 VA

Relay Type:Four SPST, Electrically held, dry contacts

 :AF 16-22 Two SPST (N.O.), & Two SPST (N.C.)

 :Af 16-40 Four SPST (N.O.)

Relay Rating:30A @ 347 VAC per pole or 600VAC 3 phase

Status Contact:4th contact, 30A @ 347 VAC

Manual Override:None

Coil Ratings:Electrically held contactor

 :Energize Supply voltage minimum (per order)

 :Drop-out 60% of minimum supply voltage (per order)

 :Coil Inrush Current VAC, 50 VA inrush, 2.2 VA Holding,

 :24VDC-500 mA @24 V DC

Visual Indication:None

Cycle Endurance:10M cycles

Short Circuit Current (SCCR):Not Specified

Operating Temperature:-40° to 158℉ (-40° to 70℃)

Operating Humidity:10% to 90% RH noncondensing

Wiring Terminations:2 Control terminals - 16-10 AWG

 :Contacts- 8 Screw clamp for 16-10 AWG

Mounting:Surface or DIN rail

Dimensions:1.8″W x 3.2″L x 3.03″H

 :(4.5 x 8.0 x 7.7 cm) See diagram

Weight:0.69 lb (0.31 Kg)

Approvals:UL File #E319322, CE, RoHS

Warranty:1 year