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ILC Lighting Relays 2R7CDD, 2R9CDD

ILC Lighting Relays


ILC Model 2R7CDD and 2R9CDD lighting Relays are mechanical latching-type units requiring only a momentary 24 VDC or VDC switch circuit pulses to open or close line voltage circuits. All ILC low voltage relays may be used to full rated capacity for ballast or resistive loads. The Model 2R9CDD includes an auxillary contact on the low voltage side for status indication.


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2R7C SPST LIGHTING RELAY, 120-277 VAC, 20AINFO359.81201.49


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Supply Voltage:18-30 VAC momentary pulse

 : 12-24 VDC momentary Pulse

 :(CDD) Stands for double diode rectified

Power Output:None

Contact Type: SPST, Mechcanically latching, dry contact

Contact Rating:

 :Resistive 20A @ 347 VAC

 :Ballast 20A @ 347 VAC

 :Tungsten 20A @ 120 VAC

 :Fan 1HP @ 120 VAC

Status Contact:

 : 2R9CDD only, 30V AC/DC @1A (ORG/ORG wires)

Manual Override:None

Remote Activation:

Coil Ratings: 3 wire split coil

 :Center, (BLU) Common

 :ON, (RED) 17-250 ms Pulse, Nominal 24 V AC/DC

 :OFF, (BLK) 17-250 ms Pulse, Nominal 24 V AC/DC

 :Coil Impedance 68-73Ω AC, 50-60ΩDC

 :Coil Inrush Current

 : 175 ma @24VAC, 350 mA @ 24 VDC

Cycle Endurance:1M cycles no load, 200K cycles full load

Visual Indication:None

Short Circuit Current (SCCR):

 : 18,000 A

Operating Temperature:32° to 140℉ (° to℃)

Operating Humidity:3 or 5 Control wires - 6″, 20 AWG

 : Contacts- 4 Screw clamp for 10-14 AWG

Mounting: 1/2″ male knockout

Enclosure Rating:

Dimensions: 1.8W x 2.6L x 1.5D (4.6 x 6.6 x 3.8 cm) See diagram

Weight: 0.31 lb (0.14 kg)

Approvals: UL File E66211, FCC

Warranty: 3 years