LS-10 Series

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LS-10 Series

Level Transmitter LS-10 Series

Level Transmitter


The Wika LH-10 & LS-10 Series level transmitter is exceptionally stable and is virtually unaffected by shock, vibration and orientation. The LH-10 level transmitters have 0.125% accuracy for the 4-20 mA signal while the LS-10 has 0.25%. Both the LH-10 & LS-10 can be lowered into a tank of water and the 4-20 mA signal will directly correspond to the level.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
LS-10-02 SUB LEVEL XMITTER 0 TO 8.34 FT RANGE 4-20MA 40'CBLINFO1,849.261,035.59
LS-10-03 SUB LEVEL XMITTER 0 TO 11.6 FT RANGE 4-20MA 40'CBLINFO1,888.021,057.29
LS-10-04 SUB LEVEL XMITTER 0 TO 23.1 FT RANGE 4-20MA 40'CBLINFO2,300.001,288.00
LS-10-05 SUB LEVEL XMITTER 0 TO 34.6 FT RANGE 4-20MA 40'CBLINFO1,799.281,007.60
LS-10-06 SUB LEVEL XMITTER 0 TO 57.7 FT RANGE 4-20MA 40'CBLINFO1,799.281,007.60


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  • 0.125% (LH-10). 0.25% (LS-10) accuracy, all ranges
  • 4-20 mA, loop powered
  • Ranges from 4.2 feet (1.3 m) to 34.9 feet (10.6 m)

Supply Voltage:10-30 VDC


LS-10:0.25% of span

LH-10:0.125% of span

Signal Output:4-20 mA

Maximum Output :

Impedance mA:695Ω @ 24 VDC

Overpressure:Proof 30 psi, Burst 35 psi

Operating Temperature:-22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4X (IP65)

Dimensions: 1.1″ diameter x 5.8″ long (2.7 x 14.7 cm)

Materials Of Construction:Stainless steel case

Approvals: CE, CSA

Weight: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)

Warranty: 1 year