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HZLIM Series

Kele Explosion Proof High and Low Limit Controls HZLIM Series

Kele Explosion Proof High and Low Limit Controls


The Kele HZLIM Series explosion proof high and low limit controls are field-assembled combinations of industry standard controls, heavy duty explosion proof enclosures, and seals for use in atmospheres that may contain hazardous gases or dusts (Groups B, C, D, E, F). The HZLIM-LO-A includes the ultra reliable A11A-1 manual reset low limit control, a XJA7514C2M2M explosion proof enclosure, two EYM-75 conduit seals, and an ACK6F fiber/cement kit. The HZLIM-LO-B is identical to the HZLIM-LO-A but includes the equally reliable A11B-1 automatic reset low limit control instead of the A11A-1. The HZLIM-HI is also identical to the HZLIM-LO-A but includes the time proven A70KA-1 manual reset high limit control in place of the A11A-1.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
HZLIM-HI XP HI LIM MAN RESET 100 TO 170In Stock3,227.391,613.70
HZLIM-LO-A XP LO LIM MAN RESET 35 TO 45In Stock3,081.471,540.73
HZLIM-LO-B XP LO LIM AUTO RESET 35 TO 45In Stock3,080.681,540.34


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  • Class I Division 1 Groups B, C, D;
  • Class II Division 1 Groups E, F,G
  • Long life, snap acting contacts
  • Easy set point adjust
  • Freeze protection for hazardous locations
  • Code required AHU high limit protection for hazardous locations

Refer to the A70 and A11 Series in the Thermostats and Controllers section for specifications, capillary, installation and wiring information.:

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