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Senva VT0D Value Series VOC Duct Sensor

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Senva VT0D Value Series VOC Duct Sensor

Senva Duct VOC Sensor Senva VT0D Value Series VOC Duct Sensor

Senva Duct VOC Sensor


The VT0D is capable of sensing thousands of VOC’s coming from sources such as paints, glues, cleaners, alcohol, building products, smoke, and a myriad of other harmful or offensive gases. Its ability to sense these contaminants in addition to breath and other bodily functions makes it the preferred alternative or compliment to CO2 occupancy sensing. The VT0D Value Series ensures that odor and ventilation issues are never a topic of conversation. An array of analog outputs and thermistor options accommodate any installation and keep occupants breathing easy.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
VT0D-AA DUCT VOC 3W 0-5V NO TEMPINFO613.02343.29
VT0D-AC DUCT VOC 3W 0-5V 100PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-AD DUCT VOC 3W 0-5V 1000PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-AE DUCT VOC 3W 0-5V 10KT2INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-AF DUCT VOC 3W 0-5V 10KT3INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-AK DUCT VOC 3W 0-5V 20KINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-BA DUCT VOC 3W 0-10V NO TEMPINFO613.02343.29
VT0D-BC DUCT VOC 3W 0-10V 100PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-BD DUCT VOC 3W 0-10V 1000PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-BE DUCT VOC 3W 0-10V 10KT2INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-BF DUCT VOC 3W 0-10V 10KT3INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-BK DUCT VOC 3W 0-10V 20KINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-CA DUCT VOC 2W 4-20MA NO TEMPINFO613.02343.29
VT0D-CC DUCT VOC 2W 4-20MA 100PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-CD DUCT VOC 2W 4-20MA 1000PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-CE DUCT VOC 2W 4-20MA 10KT2INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-CF DUCT VOC 2W 4-20MA 10KT3INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-CK DUCT VOC 2W 4-20MA 20KINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-DA DUCT VOC 3W 4-20MA NO TEMPINFO613.02343.29
VT0D-DC DUCT VOC 3W 4-20MA 100PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-DD DUCT VOC 3W 4-20MA 1000PT RTDINFO671.16375.85
VT0D-DE DUCT VOC 3W 4-20MA 10KT2INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-DF DUCT VOC 3W 4-20MA 10KT3INFO671.16375.85
VT0D-DK DUCT VOC 3W 4-20MA 20KINFO671.16375.85


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  • Senva’s high efficiency duct probe
  • Designed to mount easily in any duct
  • Ideal for schools, hotels, offices, bathrooms, etc.
  • Superior sensing
  • Humidity compensation for higher accuracy
  • Gasket ensures excellent measurement accuracy
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • 7-year limited warranty on electronics; sensor element 2 years"

 Power Supply: 12-30VDC/24VAC(1), 24mA max

 Analog Output: 0-10V, 0-5V, 2-wire or 3-wire 4-20mA

 Output Scaling: VOC intensity 0-500 (relative intensity)

 Thermistor Options: Yes

 VOC Sensor Type: MOS

 Gas: Ethanol

 Range: 0-1000ppm of ethanol equivalent

 Response Time: <10s

 Humidity Compensation: Yes

 Enclosure Dimensions: 4.0' h x 4.4"w x 2.1"d (+6.8" probe)

 RH: 0 to 90% RH (operating), 0- to 80% (storage)

 Approvals: CE, RoHS

 Warranty: 7 year limited warranty