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Honeywell Analytics Multipoint Sample Draw Gas Monitor SQN8X

Honeywell Analytics Multipoint Sample Draw Gas Monitor


The Honeywell Analytics SQN8X is a sample draw gas monitor. The standard unit (SQN82) has two sampling points and a three-relay output for different stages of alarm. The unit is ideal for MRI rooms as the sampling point tubing can be up to 1000' from the monitor. The optional two-gas model will pick up both gases at each sampling point. Each unit includes 100 ft lengths of sampling tubing per number of ports ordered. The SQN8X Multipoint Sample Draw Gas Monitor is designed to be used as part of a control system that helps to prevent the formation of a hazardous environment when properly installed and maintained.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
0235-0295 8XTL5-200 FT. SAMPLING TUBE 0.25 IN. O.D.INFO625.26350.15
0235-0296 8XTL9-400 FT. SAMPLING TUBE 0.25 IN. O.D.INFO1,188.30665.45
0235-0297 8XTL14-800 FT. SAMPLING TUBE 0.25 IN. O.D.INFO2,347.021,314.33
M-510806 VACUUM FILTERINFO211.14118.24
SQ82-O2 O2 GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO17,103.369,577.88
SQ82-R11 R11 GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO14,743.088,256.12
SQ82-R123 R123 GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO17,103.369,577.88
SQ82-R134A R134A GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO17,103.369,577.88
SQ82-R22 R22 GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO17,103.369,577.88
SQ82-R404A R404A GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO16,692.309,347.69
SQ82-R507 R507 GAS MONITOR 2 POINTINFO16,692.309,347.69
SQ84-O2 O2 GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO14,743.088,256.12
SQ84-R11 R11 GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO14,743.088,256.12
SQ84-R123 R123 GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO18,652.7410,445.53
SQ84-R123-R134A R123/R134A MULTIPOINT GAS MONITORINFO14,610.488,181.87
SQ84-R134A R134A GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO19,341.2410,831.09
SQ84-R22 R22 GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO11,072.106,200.38
SQ84-R404A R404A GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO11,072.106,200.38
SQ84-R507 R507 GAS MONITOR 4 POINTINFO11,072.106,200.38
SQ88-O2 O2 GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO19,363.6810,843.66
SQ88-R11 R11 GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO12,643.927,080.60
SQ88-R123 R123 GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO19,363.6810,843.66
SQ88-R134A R134A GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO19,363.6810,843.66
SQ88-R22 R22 GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO19,363.6810,843.66
SQ88-R404A R404A GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO12,643.927,080.60
SQ88-R507 R507 GAS MONITOR 8 POINTINFO12,643.927,080.60


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  • Visual indicators and audible alarm
  • Programmable alarm levels
  • Two sampling points
  • Failure indicator
  • Three alarm levels
  • Integrated flow loss surveillance
  • Programmable relay differential

Supply Voltage:24 VAC @ 18 VA


Relay Output: Three DPDT relays (three alarms)

Relay Output Rating:5A, 30 VDC or 250 VAC (resistive)

Alarm Auditory Levels:110 dBA at 3 ft (1m)

Measurement Range:Oxygen: 0 to 25%

 :Refrigerants: 0 to 1000 ppm

Sensing Technology:Oxygen: Diffusion fuel Cell

 :Refrigerants: Electrochemical

Sampling Distance:100 ft (30.5) per port (included); Maximum 1000 ft (305m)

Visual Indication:Green LED: Normal

Red LED: Alarm levels 1 and 2:

Yellow LED: failure indication:

Green LED: Aspirated zone indication:

Operating Temperature:32° to 100°F (0° to 40°C)

Operating Humidity:15% to 90% RH, noncondensing

Dimensions: 20.3"H x 13.0"W x 3.75"D (51.4 x 33 x 10 cm)

Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)


Warranty: 1 year