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SM-501 Series

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SM-501 Series

Air Products & Controls Duct Smoke Detectors SM-501 Series

Air Products & Controls Duct Smoke Detectors


The Air Products & Controls SM-501 Series Duct Smoke Detectors provide early smoke detection and sense combustion products present in air moving through HVAC ducts. The smoke detectors sample air using intake sampling tubes, which are sold separately. A standard length exhaust tube is provided with each detector. The SM-501 Series is designed to operate in duct widths from 6" (15 cm) to 10.0' (3.05m) with an air velocity from 500-4000 fpm (2.5-20.3 mps). Complete systems may be shut down in the event of smoke detection. These detectors are proven performers in Building Automation Systems, BAS.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SL-701-KIT CO DUCT DET W/MSR-50-C0/TUBESINFO2,094.061,172.67
TG-1000 CAN OF SMOKEINFO102.0057.12
WP-1 NEMA 3R ENCLIn Stock250.92140.52


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  • Universal voltage: 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 115 VAC, or 230 VAC
  • Remote reset, alarm, and indication available
  • Two alarm contacts and one trouble contact
  • Interchangeable "plug-in" photoelectric or ionization heads
  • Compatible with building automation and fire alarm systems
  • Dust filtering included in detector head
  • Interconnect up to 30 detectors for common functions

Supply Voltage:(without accessories)

24 VAC @ 35 mA standby, 74 mA alarm :

24 VDC @ 15 mA standby, 56 mA alarm :

115 VAC @ 25 mA standby, 32 mA alarm :

230 VAC @ 12 mA standby, 16 mA alarm :

Frequency:50/60 Hz

Relay Contacts:Alarm 2-SPDT, 10A, 115 VAC, resistive

Trouble 1-SPDT, 10A, 115 VAC, resistive:

Air Velocity:500-4000 fpm (2.5-20.3 mps)

Radioactive Element:For SM-501-N only Americium 241, 0.9 μCi

Wiring Terminations:Solid or stranded, 12 to 22 AWG terminals

Operating Temperature:

SM-501-N:32° to 158°F (0° to 70°C)

SM-501-P:32° to 140°F (0° to 60°C)

Operating Humidity:10% to 85% RH non-condensing

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1, 18-gauge steel back box, clear plastic cover (94V-0), Gray paint with clear cover

Dimensions:9.13"H x 7.25"W x 2.25"D (23.19 x 18.42 x 5.72 cm)

Weight:3.2 lb (1.45 Kg)

Approvals:UL File #S2829 CSFM 3240-1004:108 MEA 73-92-E, Vol. 26

Warranty:3 year