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C7232 Series

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C7232 Series

Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Sensor C7232 Series

Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Sensor


The Honeywell Model C7232 carbon dioxide sensor measures CO2 concentration in a ventilated space or duct. These CO2 sensors are designed for use in building automation systems, BAS, and HVAC systems to achieve building ventilation control. These easy-to-install wall-mount or duct-mount sensors provide long term CO2 monitoring at a low cost. Each sensor is compact in size and has selectable ranges. They have an analog and relay output, use non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, and feature a unique corrosion-free sensing chamber for accurate, stable CO2 sensing. Models are available for wall and duct-mount applications, with or without an LCD display, and with or without the Honeywell logo.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
C7232A1008 CO2 WALL SENSOR 4-20MA DISPLAY In Stock690.00552.00
C7232A1016 CO2 WALL SENSOR 4-20MA RELAY In Stock671.00536.80
C7232A1024/U CO2 WALL SENSOR DISPLAY 2-10VDC/0/4-20MA INFO713.00570.40
C7232A1032 CO2 WALL SNSR 4-20 RLY NO LOGO INFO704.00563.20
C7232B1006 CO2 DUCT SENSOR 4-20MA DISPLAY In Stock826.00660.80
C7232B1014 CO2 DUCT SENSOR 4-20MA RELAY In Stock805.00644.00
C7232B1022/U CO2 DUCT SENSOR DISPLAY 2-10VDC/0/4-20MA INFO852.00681.60
C7232B1030 CO2 DUCT SNSR 4-20 RLY NO LOGO INFO844.00675.20
C7632A1004 CO2 WALL MOUNT 0-10 VDC 0-2000 PPM In Stock563.00450.40
C7632B1002 CO2 DUCT MOUNT 0-10 VDC 0-2000 PPM INFO651.00520.80


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  • Available with LCD to provide sensor readings and status information
  • NDIR technology to measure carbon dioxide gas
  • Gold-plated sensor for long-term calibration stability
  • Analog and relay outputs based on CO2 levels
  • Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) algorithm based on long-term evaluation to reduce required maintenance

Supply Voltage:24 VAC ±20% @ 3 VA, 50/60 Hz; 24 VDCAC ±20% @ 125 mA

Accuracy:±30 ppm + 2% of reading

Signal Output:0/2-10 VDC @ 5kΩ, 0/ 4-20 mA @ 500Ω, (jumper selectable)

Pressure Depedence:1.4% change in reading per 0.15 psig (1.0 kPa) deviation from 14.5 psig (1000 kPa)

Measurement Range:0-2000 ppm ±5% and ±50 ppm

Calibration Interval:Five years

Response Time:2 minutes

Display:4-Digit LCD

Relay Output:Shipped N.O., close at 800 ppm (selectable) Contact rating: 1A @ 50 VAC/24 VDC Minimum load: 1mA @ 5 VDC, SPST, (100 ppm DIF)

Wiring Terminations:20 AWG, 8" cable, 20 AWG, 6" cable

Operating Temperature:32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)

Operating Humidity:0% to 95% RH noncondensing

Enclosure Rating:

Wall:NEMA 1

Duct:NEMA 3 Flammability rating UL95-5V


Wall:0.4 lb (0.18 Kg)

Duct:1.6 lb (0.45 Kg)

Approvals:UL File # E4436, CE

Warranty:1 year


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