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A70H-RS Series

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A70H-RS Series

Rain and Snow Sensor A70H-RS Series

Rain and Snow Sensor


The Comptus A70H-RS Series rain and snow sensor provides qualitative detection of rain or snow. It is designed to provide control of automated windows, wipers, and snow melting systems. The ring conductor senses rain or snow on the surface and generates an output switch signal.


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Supply Voltage:5V, 12-24VDC

Heating Power (optional):10W

Output* :Relay (NO/NC), NPN/PNP

Load Capacity (relay):AC120V/2A, DC24V/2A

Ingress Protection:IP67

Operating Temperature:` -30℃ - +70℃

Weight 150g:

Dimension 90 * 60 * 40mm:

Shell MaterialABS:

Storage Condition :10℃ - 60℃ @20%-90%RH