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045, 050 SenseAir Series

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045, 050 SenseAir Series

Senseair CO2 Transmitter 045, 050 SenseAir Series

Senseair CO2 Transmitter


The Senseair aSENSE™ 045 Series and eSENSE™ 050 Series CO2 transmitters utilize the latest NDIR technology to accurately and reliably measure indoor levels of CO2.The aSENSE™ Model 045 is a digital low-cost transmitter. It measures both CO2 concentration and temperature in the ambient air and can transmit data to a BAS system or controller. The aSENSE™ Model 045 is a key component for climate control of buildings and other processes. The eSENSE™ Model 050 is a new simple, low cost, state-of the- art, infrared and maintenance-free carbon dioxide transmitter for room or duct applications. The eSENSE™ Model 050 measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air up to 2000 ppm and transforms the data into an analogue output. Both the aSENSE™ and the eSENSE™ help you save money by decreasing your energy consumption while creating a healthier indoor climate.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
040-8-0049 CO2 ASENSE OUTSIDE AIR W/O HEATER In Stock931.00744.80
045-8-0340-F CO2 ASENSE WALL-RELAY 0-10VDC INFO476.00380.80
045-8-0341-F CO2 ASENSE WALL-DISPLAY-RELAY 0-10VDC INFO496.00396.80
045-8-0342-F CO2 ASENSE WALL-RELAY-5 0-5VDC INFO476.00380.80
045-8-0343-F CO2 ASENSE-WALL DISPLAY-RELAY-5 0-5VDC INFO496.00396.80
045-8-0344-F CO2 ASENSE-DUCT-RELAY 0-10VDC INFO586.00468.80
045-8-0345-F CO2 ASENSE-DUCT-RELAY 0-10VDC DISPLAY INFO606.00484.80
045-8-0346-F CO2 ASENSE-DUCT-RELAY 0-5VDC INFO586.00468.80
045-8-0347-F CO2 ASENSE-DUCT-RELAY 0-5VDC DISPLAY INFO606.00484.80
045-8-0370-F CO2 ASENSE DUCT RELAY 0-10V INFO646.00516.80
045-8-0371-F CO2 ASENSE DUCT RELAY 0-10V DISPLAY INFO667.00533.60
045-8-0372-F CO2 ASENSE DUCT RELAY 0-5V INFO646.00516.80
045-8-0373-F CO2 ASENSE DUCT RELAY 0-5V DISPLAY INFO667.00533.60
050-8-0057 CO2 DISPLAY W/ ALARM INFO500.00400.00
050-8-0140 CO2 ESENSE-WALL 0-10V INFO338.00270.40
050-8-0141 CO2 ESENSE WALL 0-10V DISPLAY In Stock354.00283.20
050-8-0142 CO2 ESENSE-WALL 0-5V INFO338.00270.40
050-8-0143 CO2 ESENSE WALL 0-5V DISPLAY INFO354.00283.20
050-8-0144 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-10V INFO407.00325.60
050-8-0145 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-10V DISPLAY INFO460.00368.00
050-8-0146 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-5V INFO606.00484.80
050-8-0147 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-5V DISPLAY INFO460.00368.00
050-8-0158 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-10V INFO468.00374.40
050-8-0159 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-10V DISPLAY INFO521.00416.80
050-8-0160 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-5V INFO468.00374.40
050-8-0161 CO2 ESENSE DUCT 0-5V DISPLAY INFO521.00416.80


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  • ABC logic needs no calibration
  • Five-year warranty
  • Platinum EQC coatings, unique to SenseAir products
  • SenseAir track-individual serial number for every unit
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

Supply Voltage:24 VAC @ 3 VA ± 20%, 50/60 Hz; 24 VDC @ 125 mA ± 20 %


aSense:±1% of measurement range

eSense: ±30 ppm ±3% of reading

Signal Output:


Output 1: 0-10V models: CO2 0-10 VDC or 0/4-20 mA (500 ohms); 0-5V models CO2 0-5 VDC or 0/4-20 mA (500 ohms)

Ouptut 2: 0-10V models: Temperature 0-10 VDC or 0/4-20 mA (500 ohms); 0-5V models Temperature 0-5 VDC or 0/4-20 mA (500 ohms)


Output 1:0-10V models: CO2 0-10 VDC; 0-5V models CO2 0-5 VDC

Output 2:2-10V models: CO2 2-10 VDC or 4-20 mA @ 500Ω; 0-5V models CO2 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA @ 500Ω

Measurement Range:CO2 0 to 2000 ppm, CO2 0-2000 ppm, Temperature -4 to 140℉ (-20 to 60℃)

Sensing Technology:Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) with ABC logic

Calibration:Not Needed

Visual Indication:4 Digits, 7 segments LCD

Warm Up Time:≤1 minute (@ full spec ≤15 minutes)

Relay Output:

aSense:SPDT 50 VAC @ 1 A; 24 VDC @ 1 A (100 ppm DIF)

eSense:No relay available

Operating Temperature:32° to 122℉ (0° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity:0 to 95% RH (non condensing)



aSense:4.74"H x 3.22"W x 1.18"D (120 x 82 x 30 mm)

eSense:5.11″H x 3.35″W x 1.18″D (130 x 85 x 30 mm)

Duct:5.6"H x 3.3"W x 1.8"D (14.2 x 8.4 x 4.6 cm)


Wall:0.32 lbs (0.15 Kg)

Duct:0.90 lbs (0.41 Kg)

Approvals:CE, RoHS

Warranty:5 Years