KAMP5K Series

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KAMP5K Series

Thermal Dispersion Electronic Duct Averaging Airflow Transmitter KAMP5K Series

Thermal Dispersion Electronic Duct Averaging Airflow Transmitter


The Kele model KAMP5K is a highly accurate thermal dispersion airflow and temperature measuring probe. Multiple velocities and temperature points on one or more probes installed in the duct or plenum are averaged to arrive at air measurements.  

The KAMP5K is capable of measuring a velocity range from 0 to 5,000 FPM and displaying the flow and temperature at each sensing point. Within each low-pressure drop airfoil-shaped probe are up to 8 moisture-resistant flex sensors. Both velocity and temperature are measured by each flex sensor thermistor pair. The flex sensor pair is protected from the elements with a thin conformal coating. Trouble-free performance is assured by laser-etched, micro welded and hermetically sealed flex sensor connection points. The highest accuracy over the entire range of air flows results from probe sensing elements that are factory tested and calibrated at 20 points.  


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  • Self-diagnostics utilizing artificial intelligence 
  • BACNET and analog output standard 
  • Lowest power consumption thermal dispersion device available 
  • Tool-free one-touch setup through surface membrane label 
  • Stainless Steel mounting hardware 
  • Standard cabling, no proprietary cables 
  • Third-party verified FCC, UL, BTL, AMCA, NIST and ISO 9001 
  • Airfoil shaped acid-etch clear anodized sensing probes featuring lower pressure drop and less noise 
  • Highest density thermal dispersion sensing array up to 128 sensing points 

Power: 24VAC, 15VA (16 probes & 128 sensors)

Sensor: Thermal Dispersion (TD), dual thermistors 128 sensors max, 16 probes max  

AccuracyTD Sensor Temperature : ±3% of total airflow ±2% of reading, ±0.25% repeatability ±0.1°F (0.06°C)

Velocity Range: 0 to 5,000 FPS (0 to 25 mps) max

OutputFPS or CFM  Temperature Range: 2-Sourcing, 4-20mA @ 500Ω impedance Set by the main processor  FPS (MPS) = 0-5,000, or  CFM (LPS) = FPS (MPS) x W x H  Set by the main processor -20 to 120°F (-29 to 49°C) 

CommunicationBAS Protocol: Proprietary RS-485 between probes BACnet MSTP, RS-485 to BAS

ControlsPrimary Remote:   5 buttons for menu set-up  7 buttons for menu set-up, 500ft CBL max

IndicationPrimaryRemote: 2-line, 16-character alphanumeric LCD Green backlit, w/IP or SI units Wired, LED Green, 24VAC, 1VA  Wireless, LED, 24VAC, 1VA, 200' open air

Ambient TemperatureSensorPrimary:  -20 to 120°F (-29 to 49°C) -20 to 120°F (-29 to 49°C)

Ambient RH: 0-99% Non-condensing

Enclosures: NEMA-1, ABS plastic, UL94-5VA  NEMA-4 (-N4 Option) 

Probe: Aluminum & ABS plastic,  UL 94 flame rated mounting  2.25” (57mm) TD probe hole 

1-CTLR: Tab w/ 4 screw holes

1-TD Probe: Tab w/4 screw holes & 4 opposite duct

Opt. Remote: Tab w/4 screw holes

TerminationPrimaryTD ProbeRMT. Display: Screw terminals in 5.8" x 6.5" enclosure 4-PWR, 4-MSTP, 6-Analog, 4-ancillary probes 4-PWR, 4-ancillary probes 4-PWR, 4-ancillary (Anc.) probes

Wire: Two TSP, 18 AWG, low capacitance

DimensionsProbe LengthProbe Diameter: 5.8"W x 6.5"H x 3.8"D, (147 x 165 x 96 mm) 8" to 120," actual duct width + 0.5" 2.13" W Airfoil x 0.84"H, 2.25" MNTG hole

Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg) w/CTLR and 2 TD probes

Approvals: FCC, UL, BTL, AMCA, RoHS, USGBC

Warranty: 5 years


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