FXP Series

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FXP Series

Kele Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensors FXP Series

Kele Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensors


The FXP Series probe is a differential air pressure sensor designed to measure air velocities in HVAC ductwork, especially Building Automation Systems (BAS). The pressure sensor uses multiple sensing points to measure total and static pressures. The sensing probe incorporates a unique design to amplify the differential pressure by approximately 2.5 times for accurate measurement of air velocities down to 200 fpm. It is easy to install and cost effective.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
FXP-10 10IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock141.0078.96
FXP-12 12IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock144.0080.64
FXP-14 14IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock195.00109.20
FXP-16 16IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock201.00112.56
FXP-18 18 AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock208.00116.48
FXP-20 20IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock217.00121.52
FXP-22 22IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock233.00130.48
FXP-24 24IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock226.00126.56
FXP-26 26IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock258.00144.48
FXP-28 28IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock256.00143.36
FXP-30 30IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock258.00144.48
FXP-32 32IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock276.00154.56
FXP-34 34IN AIR FLOW SENSORIn Stock279.00156.24
FXP-36 36IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock267.00149.52
FXP-38 38IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock300.00168.00
FXP-4 4IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock127.0071.12
FXP-40 40IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock300.00168.00
FXP-42 42IN AIR FLOW SENSORIn Stock301.00168.56
FXP-44 44IN AIR FLOW SENSORIn Stock326.00182.56
FXP-46 46IN AIR FLOW SENSORIn Stock301.00168.56
FXP-48 48IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock300.00168.00
FXP-5 5IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock129.0072.24
FXP-6 6IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock132.0073.92
FXP-7 7IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock134.0075.04
FXP-8 8IN AIR FLOW SENSINGIn Stock136.0076.16


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  • Multiple sensing points for greater accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • Chamfered sensing points for consistent readings
  • 2% accuracy
  • 2.5X signal amplification
  • Accepts 1/4" OD tubing
  • One year warranty
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