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Poteau Panel Shop Control Cabinets Versa-Cab

Poteau Panel Shop Control Cabinets


The Poteau Panel Shop Versa-Cab control cabinet is designed to make mounting electrical and pneumatic components easy. The front panel is aluminum bonded to plywood, which makes it simple to cut a large hole with just a saw. Large meters, gauges, indicators, and operator interface devices can be mounted easily. If a change is needed later, replacement panels can be ordered.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
30246LMS NEMA 1 30X24X6 BLACK INFO771.78617.42
30246NFS NEMA 4 30X24X6 WHITE INFO974.33779.46
VC-1812 NEMA 1 18X12X9.5IN CONTROL PANEL INFO450.99360.79
VC-1812-BP BACK PANEL 18X12 INFO70.0856.06
VC-1812-FP FACE PLATE 18X12 INFO74.3959.51
VC-2418 NEMA 1 18X24X9.5IN CONTROL CABINET INFO586.87469.50
VC-2418-BP BACK PANEL 24X18 INFO103.1382.50
VC-2418-FP FACE PLATE 24X18 In Stock111.7689.41
VC-2424 NEMA 1 24X24X9.5 CONTROL CABINET In Stock663.37530.70
VC-2424-BP BACK PANEL 24X24 INFO125.56100.45
VC-2424-FP FACE PLATE 24X24 In Stock137.05109.64
VC-3024 NEMA 1 24X30X9.5 CONTROL CABINET INFO748.52598.82
VC-3024-BP BACK PANEL 30X24 In Stock147.99118.39
VC-3024-FP FACE PLATE 30X24 In Stock162.35129.88
VC-3624 NEMA 1 36X24X9.5 CONTROL CABINET INFO827.47661.98
VC-3624-BP BACK PANEL 36X24 INFO170.43136.34
VC-3624-FP FACE PLATE 36X24 In Stock187.65150.12
VC-4230 NEMA 1 42X30X9.5 CONTROL CABINET INFO1,202.82962.26
VC-4230-BP BACK PANEL 42X30 In Stock238.45190.76
VC-4230-FP FACE PLATE 42X30 In Stock265.03212.02
VC-4836 NEMA 1 48X36X9.5 CONTROL CABINE INFO1,410.491,128.39
VC-4836-BP BACK PANEL 48X36 In Stock298.16238.53
VC-4836-FP FACE PLATE 48X36 INFO332.61266.09


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  • Direct replacement for M8100 cabinets
  • Extruded aluminum alloy frame
  • Removable face and back panels
  • Panels consist of aluminum bonded to both sides of plywood core
  • Face panel has gray baked enamel finish
  • Piano hinge on the door
  • Cabinet can be mounted so door opens left or right
  • Includes key-lock latch
  • UL Listed Type 1 file #E218484

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