SCE Subpanels and Perf Panels

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SCE Subpanels and Perf Panels

Saginaw Subpanels and Perf Panels for SCE Enclosures SCE Subpanels and Perf Panels

Saginaw Subpanels and Perf Panels for SCE Enclosures


The Saginaw SCExPx subpanels are flat subpanels and powder coated in white. The Saginaw SCExNxMPP perforated subpanels have 0.13″ mounting holes with 0.25″ staggered patterns for the installation of lightweight control components with #8 self threading screws, for use in small and medium size Type 1 enclosures. The perforated subpanels are also powder coated in white.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SCE10N10MP STEEL PANEL 10X10 In Stock16.7413.39
SCE10N10MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 8.00X8.00 INFO43.1034.48
SCE10N8MP STEEL PANEL 10X8 In Stock14.1611.33
SCE10N8MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 8.00X6.00 INFO37.0529.64
SCE10P10 STEEL PANEL 8.75X8.88 INFO20.2216.18
SCE10P8 STEEL PANEL 8.75X6.88 INFO17.1313.70
SCE12DLP12 STEEL PANEL 9.00X9.00 In Stock41.0832.86
SCE12N10MP STEEL PANEL 12X10 In Stock19.1415.31
SCE12N10MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 10.00X8.00 INFO48.3538.68
SCE12N12MP STEEL PANEL 12X12 In Stock22.5518.04
SCE12N12MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 10.00X10.00 In Stock51.0040.80
SCE12P10 STEEL PANEL 10.75X8.88 INFO23.2018.56
SCE12P12 STEEL PANEL 10.75X10.88 In Stock27.2821.82
SCE12P24 STEEL PANEL 9.00X21.00 INFO83.7166.97
SCE12P6 STEEL PANEL 10.75X4.88 INFO16.0812.86
SCE14N12MP STEEL PANEL 14X12 In Stock25.1420.11
SCE14N12MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 12.00X10.00 In Stock54.8343.86
SCE14P12 STEEL PANEL 12.75X10.88 INFO30.4424.35
SCE14P8 STEEL PANEL 12.75X6.88 INFO22.2117.77
SCE16DLP14 STEEL PANEL 13.00X11.00 INFO53.2442.59
SCE16N12MP STEEL PANEL 16X12 INFO36.7729.42
SCE16N12MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 14.00X10.00 In Stock61.5949.27
SCE16N16MP STEEL PANEL 16X16 In Stock60.9948.79
SCE16N16MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 14.00X14.00 In Stock72.2357.78
SCE16P10 STEEL PANEL 14.75X8.88 INFO29.7423.79
SCE16P12 STEEL PANEL 13.00X9.00 In Stock44.5135.61
SCE16P14 STEEL PANEL 14.75X12.88 INFO59.9547.96
SCE16P16 STEEL PANEL 13.00X13.00 INFO73.8359.06
SCE20N16MP STEEL PANEL 20X10 In Stock68.6554.92
SCE20N16MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 18.00X14.00 In Stock84.6567.72
SCE20N20MP STEEL PANEL 20X20 In Stock88.3970.71
SCE20N20MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 18.00X18.00 In Stock97.7378.18
SCE20P12 STEEL PANEL 17.00X9.00 INFO69.5455.63
SCE20P16 STEEL PANEL 17.00X13.00 In Stock91.2773.02
SCE20P20 STEEL PANEL 17.00X17.00 In Stock106.5085.20
SCE24N16MP STEEL PANEL 24X16 INFO72.6858.14
SCE24N16MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 22.00X14.00 In Stock97.7378.18
SCE24N20MP STEEL PANEL 22X18 In Stock100.5580.44
SCE24N20MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 22.00X18.00 In Stock116.8393.46
SCE24N24MP STEEL PANEL 24X24 In Stock117.3793.90
SCE24N24MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 22.00X22.00 In Stock170.96136.77
SCE24P16 STEEL PANEL 21.00X13.00 INFO98.9279.14
SCE24P20 STEEL PANEL 21.00X17.00 In Stock136.94109.55
SCE24P24 STEEL PANEL 21.00X21.00 In Stock159.80127.84
SCE30N24MP STEEL PANEL 30X24 In Stock139.67111.74
SCE30N24MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 28.00X22.00 In Stock217.96174.37
SCE30N30MP STEEL PANEL 30X30 INFO184.38147.50
SCE30N30MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 28.00X28.00 In Stock272.32217.86
SCE30P16 STEEL PANEL 27.00X13.00 INFO136.94109.55
SCE30P20 STEEL PANEL 27.00X17.00 In Stock167.37133.90
SCE30P24 STEEL PANEL 27.00X21.00 In Stock190.19152.15
SCE30P30 STEEL PANEL 27.00X27.00 INFO251.06200.85
SCE36N24MP STEEL PANEL 36X24 In Stock167.64134.11
SCE36N24MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 34.00X22.00 In Stock270.26216.21
SCE36N30MP STEEL PANEL 36X30 In Stock223.49178.79
SCE36N30MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 34.00X28.00 In Stock321.46257.17
SCE36P16 STEEL PANEL 33.00X13.00 INFO159.80127.84
SCE36P24 STEEL PANEL 33.00X21.00 In Stock228.26182.61
SCE36P30 STEEL PANEL 33.00X27.00 INFO304.32243.46
SCE36P30AL ALUM PANEL 33.00X27.00 INFO608.94487.15
SCE36P36 STEEL PANEL 33.00X33.00 INFO357.56286.05
SCE40P24 STEEL PANEL 37.00X21.00 INFO258.67206.94
SCE42P24 STEEL PANEL 39.00X21.00 INFO273.87219.10
SCE42P30 STEEL PANEL 39.00X27.00 INFO349.99279.99
SCE42P36 STEEL PANEL 39.00X33.00 In Stock410.83328.66
SCE42P42 STEEL PANEL 39.00X39.00 INFO471.68377.34
SCE48P24 STEEL PANEL 45.00X21.00 INFO296.70237.36
SCE48P30 STEEL PANEL 45.00X27.00 INFO388.03310.42
SCE48P36 STEEL PANEL 45.00X33.00 In Stock464.14371.31
SCE48P42 STEEL PANEL 45.00X39.00 INFO532.60426.08
SCE48P48 STEEL PANEL 45.00X45.00 INFO639.06511.25
SCE60BFP42 STEEL PANEL 56.00X38.00 INFO692.37553.90
SCE60P24 STEEL PANEL 57.00X21.00 INFO388.03310.42
SCE60P30 STEEL PANEL 57.00X27.00 INFO479.35383.48
SCE60P36 STEEL PANEL 57.00X33.00 INFO570.61456.49
SCE60P48 STEEL PANEL 56.00X44.00 INFO806.47645.18
SCE60P60 STEEL PANEL 56.00X56.00 INFO996.68797.34
SCE60PC36 STEEL PANEL 55.63X33.00 INFO545.13436.10
SCE64P25 STEEL PANEL 60.00X21.75 INFO479.35383.48
SCE64P31 STEEL PANEL 60.00X27.75 INFO502.15401.72
SCE64P37 STEEL PANEL 60.00X33.75 INFO547.80438.24
SCE64P52 STEEL PANEL 60.00X48.00 INFO1,004.29803.43
SCE64P64 STEEL PANEL 60.00X60.00 INFO1,087.97870.38
SCE64P76 STEEL PANEL 60.00X72.00 INFO1,278.181,022.54
SCE6N6MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 4.00X4.00 INFO23.5418.83
SCE6P4 STEEL PANEL 4.88X2.88 INFO9.047.23
SCE6P6 STEEL PANEL 4.88X4.88 INFO10.858.68
SCE72P30 STEEL PANEL 69.00X27.00 INFO631.50505.20
SCE72P36 STEEL PANEL 69.00X33.00 INFO677.11541.69
SCE72P60 STEEL PANEL 68.00X56.00 INFO1,186.90949.52
SCE72P72 STEEL PANEL 68.00X68.00 INFO1,415.121,132.10
SCE76P37 STEEL PANEL 72.00X33.75 INFO753.19602.55
SCE76P76 STEEL PANEL 72.00X72.00 INFO1,498.821,199.06
SCE82P37 STEEL PANEL 78.00X33.75 INFO836.91669.53
SCE82P76 STEEL PANEL 78.00X72.00 INFO1,506.441,205.15
SCE8N6MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 6.00X4.00 INFO27.8722.30
SCE8N8MPP PERF PANEL FLAT 6.00X6.00 INFO31.4525.16
SCE8P6 STEEL PANEL 6.75X4.88 INFO12.5410.03
SCE8P8 STEEL PANEL 6.75X6.88 INFO14.6911.75


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  • Flat, powder coated white
  • Perforated subpanels with mounting holes
  • Variety of sizes and custom sizes available

See model description for sizes.:


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