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S-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 12 Enclosures and Panels S-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 12 Enclosures and Panels


The Saginaw S-LP Series NEMA 12 enclosures are designed to house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from dust, dirt, oil and water. This NEMA 4 enclosure exceeds NEMA 12 ratings.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SCE-606012LP NEMA 3R,12 60X60X12 ENCLOSUREINFO4,517.752,258.88
SCE161206LP NEMA 12 16X12X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock568.22284.11
SCE161206LPP NEMA 12 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock609.39304.70
SCE161208LP NEMA 12 16X12X8 ENCLOSUREINFO594.95297.48
SCE161208LPP NEMA 12 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO636.13318.07
SCE161606LP NEMA 12 16X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO608.36304.18
SCE161606LPP NEMA 12 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO653.48326.74
SCE201606LP NEMA 12 20X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO655.15327.58
SCE201606LPP NEMA 12 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO747.82373.91
SCE201608LP NEMA 12 20X16X8 ENCLOSUREINFO688.57344.28
SCE201608LPP NEMA 12 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO781.26390.63
SCE202006LP NEMA 12 20X20X6 ENCLOSUREINFO701.91350.96
SCE202006LPP NEMA 12 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO838.69419.35
SCE202008LP NEMA 12 20X20X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock742.05371.02
SCE202008LPP NEMA 12 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock878.83439.42
SCE242006LPP NEMA 12 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO905.09452.55
SCE242008LP NEMA 12 24X20X8 ENCLOSUREINFO802.21401.10
SCE242008LPP NEMA 12 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO949.90474.95
SCE242406LP NEMA 12 24X24X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock815.57407.79
SCE242406LPP NEMA 12 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock962.94481.47
SCE242408LP NEMA 12 24X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO862.36431.18
SCE242408LPP NEMA 12 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,009.75504.88
SCE302406LP NEMA 12 30X24X6 ENCLOSUREINFO902.48451.24
SCE302406LPP NEMA 12 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,066.53533.27
SCE302408LP NEMA 12 30X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO955.95477.97
SCE302408LPP NEMA 12 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,120.00560.00
SCE303008LP NEMA 12 30X30X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,069.59534.79
SCE303008LPP NEMA 12 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,255.01627.50
SCE362406LP NEMA 12 36X24X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock989.40494.70
SCE362406LPP NEMA 12 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,169.81584.90
SCE362408LP NEMA 12 36X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,049.55524.78
SCE362408LPP NEMA 12 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,229.95614.97
SCE363008LP NEMA 12 36X30X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,183.23591.61
SCE363008LPP NEMA 12 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,432.19716.09


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  • Continuously welded or ground-smooth seam, no holes or knockouts
  • Seamless, watertight foam gasket for tight seal
  • Hasp and staple for padlocking
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional subpanels
  • Steel subpanels available
  • UL File #E69392
  • CSA certified
  • One-year warranty

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