NEMA 1 Medium

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NEMA 1 Medium

Hoffman Enclosures and Panels NEMA 1 Medium

Hoffman Enclosures and Panels


Hoffman A Series Medium NEMA 1 enclosures house controls and instruments in areas which do not require oil tight and dust tight ratings. These NEMA enclosures are popular in HVAC applications and building automation systems, BAS. Each enclosure has a removable door with butt hinge. These control or instrument boxes have mounting holes on the back.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
A-16N12ALP NEMA 1 16X12X6.62 ENCL. (LG)In Stock336.00168.00
A-16N12ALPP NEMA 1 16X12X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock351.34175.67
A-16N12BLP NEMA 1 16X12X8.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock367.00183.50
A-16N12BLPP NEMA 1 16X12X8 W/PERF PANELIn Stock380.97190.48
A-16N16ALP NEMA 1 16X16X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock366.00183.00
A-16N16ALPP NEMA 1 16X16X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock391.38195.69
A-16N20ALP NEMA 1 16X20X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock405.00202.50
A-16N20ALPP NEMA 1 16X20X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock434.70217.35
A-18N18CLP NEMA 1 18X18X10.62 ENCLOSUREINFO443.00221.50
A-20N12BLP NEMA 1 20X12X8.62 ENCLOSUREINFO401.00200.50
A-20N16ALP NEMA 1 20X16X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock368.00184.00
A-20N16ALPP NEMA 1 20X16X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock352.82176.41
A-20N16BLP NEMA 1 20X16X8.62 ENCLOSUREINFO443.00221.50
A-20N16BLPP NEMA 1 20X16X8 W/PERF PANELIn Stock459.85229.92
A-20N20ALP NEMA 1 20X20X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock445.00222.50
A-20N20ALPP NEMA 1 20X20X6 W/PERF PANELINFO490.74245.37
A-20N20BLP NEMA 1 20X20X8.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock486.00243.00
A-20N20BLPP NEMA 1 20X20X8 W/PERF PANELINFO531.03265.52
A-24N16ALP NEMA 1 24X16X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock442.00221.00
A-24N16ALPP NEMA 1 24X16X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock480.41240.20
A-24N20ALP NEMA 1 24X20X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock447.00223.50
A-24N20ALPP NEMA 1 24X20X6 W/PERF PANELINFO482.01241.00
A-24N20BLP NEMA 1 24X20X8.62In Stock538.00269.00
A-24N20BLPP NEMA 1 24X20X8 W/PERF PANELINFO569.25284.63
A-24N20CLP NEMA 124X20X10.62 MEDIUM ENCINFO818.00409.00
A-24N20CLPP NEMA 1 24X20X10 W/PERF PANELINFO869.47434.74
A-24N2412LP NEMA 1 24X24X12.63 T HANDLE ENCINFO716.00358.00
A-24N2412LP-P NEMA 1 24X24X12.63 T HANDLE ENC W/PERFINFO816.18408.09
A-24N24ALP NEMA 1 24X24X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock453.00226.50
A-24N24ALPP NEMA 1 24X24X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock534.88267.44
A-24N24BLP NEMA 1 ENC 24X24X8.62In Stock548.00274.00
A-24N24BLPP NEMA 1 24X24X8 W/PERF PANELIn Stock626.25313.13
A-24N24DLP NEMA 1 24X24X12.62INFO648.00324.00
A-24N24DLPP NEMA 1 24X24X12 W/PERF PANELINFO722.54361.27
A-30N20BLP NEMA 1 30X20X8.62 ENCLOSUREINFO580.00290.00
A-30N248LP NEMA 1 ENCL. 30X24X8.625INFO674.00337.00
A-30N24ALP NEMA 1 24X30X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock554.00277.00
A-30N24ALPP NEMA 1 30X24X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock702.85351.43
A-30N24BLP NEMA 1 ENCL 30X24X8.62In Stock610.00305.00
A-30N24BLPP NEMA 1 30X24X8 W/PERF PANELIn Stock757.09378.54
A-30N24CLP NEMA 1 30X24X10.62 ENCLOSUREINFO659.00329.50
A-30N24CLP-P NEMA 1 30X24X10.62 ENCL W/PERF PANELINFO804.37402.18
A-30N24DLP NEMA 1 ENC 30X24X12.62INFO723.00361.50
A-30N24DLPP NEMA 1 30X24X12 W/PERF PANELINFO865.63432.81
A-30N30BLP NEMA 1 ENCL 30X30X8.62INFO694.00347.00
A-30N30BLPP NEMA 1 30X30X8 W/PERF PANELINFO880.59440.30
A-36N24ALP NEMA 1 36X24X6.62 ENCLOSUREIn Stock584.00292.00
A-36N24ALPP NEMA 1 36X24X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock717.66358.83
A-36N24BLP NEMA 1 ENCL 36X24X8.62INFO706.00353.00
A-36N24BLPP NEMA 1 36X24X8 W/PERF PANELIn Stock835.75417.87
A-36N30ALP NEMA 1 36X30X6.62 ENCLOSUREINFO704.00352.00
A-36N30ALPP NEMA 1 36X30X6 W/PERF PANELIn Stock930.85465.42
A-36N30BLP NEMA 1 ENCL 36X30X8.62In Stock772.00386.00
A-36N30BLPP NEMA 1 36X30X8 W/PERF PANELIn Stock995.61497.80
A-36N30DLP NEMA 1 36X30X12.62 ENCLOSUREINFO911.00455.50
A-36N30DLPP NEMA 1 36X30X12 W/PERF PANELIn Stock1,128.65564.32
A-60N5218FSLP NEMA 1 60 X 52 X 18 FREE STANDING ENCLOSUREINFO5,546.002,773.00


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  • Removable doors with butt hinges
  • Mounting holes on back of enclosure
  • Easy operation of flush latch with a screwdriver or coin
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional panels
  • ANSI 61 gray polyester-powder coating inside and out over phosphatized surfaces
  • Optional steel panels with white finish
  • UL File #E27567
  • CSA File #LL42184, RoHs
  • One-year warranty