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H-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels H-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels


The Saginaw H-LP Series NEMA 4 enclosures are designed to house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SCE12H2406LP NEMA 4 12X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO532.91426.33
SCE16H1206LP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock476.81381.45
SCE16H1206LPP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock505.30404.24
SCE16H1208LP NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO499.25399.40
SCE16H1208LPP NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO527.74422.19
SCE16H1208SSLP NEMA 4X 16X12X8 304 SS ENCL INFO1,304.281,043.42
SCE16H1606LP NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO510.50408.40
SCE16H1606LPP NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO548.35438.68
SCE16H1608LP NEMA 4 16X16X8 ENCLOSURE INFO538.52430.82
SCE16H1608LPP NEMA 4 16X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO576.95461.56
SCE16H2006LP NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO549.75439.80
SCE16H2006LPP NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO588.51470.81
SCE16H2006SSLP NEMA 4X 16X20X6 304 SS ENCL INFO1,486.051,188.84
SCE16H2008LP NEMA 4 16X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO577.80462.24
SCE16H2008LPP NEMA 4 16X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO634.29507.43
SCE20H1206LP NEMA 4 20X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO504.86403.89
SCE20H1208LP NEMA 4 20X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO532.91426.33
SCE20H1606LP NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO549.75439.80
SCE20H1606LPP NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO612.50490.00
SCE20H1608LP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE INFO577.80462.24
SCE20H1608LPP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock640.55512.44
SCE20H1608SSLP NEMA 4X 20X16X8 304 SS ENCL INFO1,591.461,273.17
SCE20H1610LP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE INFO605.82484.66
SCE20H1610LPP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO661.93529.54
SCE20H1610SSLP NEMA 4X 20X16X10 304 SS ENCL INFO1,699.501,359.60
SCE20H1612LP NEMA 4 20X16X12 ENCLOSURE INFO639.51511.61
SCE20H1612LPP NEMA 4 20X16X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO695.17556.14
SCE20H2006LP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO589.00471.20
SCE20H2006LPP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO664.46531.57
SCE20H2008LP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock622.68498.14
SCE20H2008LPP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock698.14558.51
SCE20H2010LP NEMA 4 20X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO656.32525.06
SCE20H2010LPP NEMA 4 20X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO725.23580.18
SCE20H2406LP NEMA 4 20X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO633.91507.13
SCE20H2406LPP NEMA 4 20X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO716.56573.25
SCE20H2408LP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO672.04537.63
SCE20H2408LPP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO754.17603.34
SCE20H2408SSLP NEMA 4X 20X24X8 304 SS ENCL INFO1,923.471,538.78
SCE20H3006LP NEMA 4 20X30X6 ENCLOSURE INFO762.89610.31
SCE24H1206LP NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO532.53426.02
SCE24H1208LP NEMA 4 24X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO566.59453.27
SCE24H1210LP NEMA 4 24X12X10 ENCLOSURE INFO594.61475.69
SCE24H1606LP NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO583.41466.73
SCE24H1606LPP NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO650.19520.15
SCE24H1608LP NEMA 4 24X16X8 ENCLOSURE INFO617.05493.64
SCE24H1608LPP NEMA 4 24X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO683.38546.70
SCE24H2006LP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO633.91507.13
SCE24H2006LPP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO722.07577.66
SCE24H2008LP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO673.16538.53
SCE24H2008LPP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO761.32609.06
SCE24H2010LP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO706.85565.48
SCE24H2010LPP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO788.52630.82
SCE24H2010SSLP NEMA 4X 24X20X10 304 SS ENCL INFO2,055.201,644.16
SCE24H2012LP NEMA 4 24X20X12 ENCLOSURE INFO746.08596.86
SCE24H2012LPP NEMA 4 24X20X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO827.25661.80
SCE24H2016LP NEMA 4 24X20X16 ENCLOSURE INFO819.01655.21
SCE24H2016LPP NEMA 4 24X20X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO899.21719.37
SCE24H2406LP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock684.37547.50
SCE24H2406LPP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock788.10630.48
SCE24H2408LP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO723.65578.92
SCE24H2408LPP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO827.37661.90
SCE24H2410LP NEMA 4 24X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO762.89610.31
SCE24H2410LPP NEMA 4 24X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO860.31688.25
SCE24H2412LP NEMA 4 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO802.17641.74
SCE24H2412LPP NEMA 4 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO899.08719.26
SCE24H2412SSLP NEMA 4X 24X24X12 304 SS ENCL INFO2,403.021,922.42
SCE24H2416LP NEMA 4 24X24X16 ENCLOSURE INFO880.72704.58
SCE24H2416LPP NEMA 4 24X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO976.58781.26
SCE24H3008LP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO802.17641.74
SCE24H3008LPP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO923.86739.09
SCE24H3008SSLP NEMA 4X 24X30X8 304 SS ENCL INFO2,403.021,922.42
SCE30H1606LP NEMA 4 30X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO639.51511.61
SCE30H2006LP NEMA 4 30X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO695.57556.46
SCE30H2008LP NEMA 4 30X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO740.46592.37
SCE30H2008SSLP NEMA 4X 30X20X8 304 SS ENCL INFO2,176.411,741.13
SCE30H2010LP NEMA 4 30X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO779.69623.75
SCE30H2406LP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock757.30605.84
SCE30H2406LPP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock884.45707.56
SCE30H2408LP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO802.17641.74
SCE30H2408LPP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO929.32743.46
SCE30H2410LP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO847.06677.65
SCE30H2410LPP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO968.17774.54
SCE30H2412LP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO891.92713.54
SCE30H2412LPP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,012.43809.94
SCE30H2412SSLP NEMA 4X 30X24X12 304 SS ENCL INFO2,724.462,179.57
SCE30H2416LP NEMA 4 30X24X16 ENCLOSURE INFO981.68785.34
SCE30H2416LPP NEMA 4 30X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,101.00880.80
SCE30H2416SSLP NEMA 4X 30X24X16 304 SS ENCL INFO3,051.162,440.93
SCE30H2420LP NEMA 4 30X24X20 ENCLOSURE INFO1,071.43857.14
SCE30H2420LPP NEMA 4 30X24X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,189.58951.66
SCE30H2424LP NEMA 4 30X24X24 ENCLOSURE INFO1,161.20928.96
SCE30H2424LPP NEMA 4 30X24X24 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,278.141,022.51
SCE30H3008LP NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO897.54718.03
SCE30H3008LPP NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,054.52843.62
SCE30H3012LP NEMA 4 30X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO998.49798.79
SCE30H3012LPP NEMA 4 30X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,149.22919.38
SCE30H3608LP NEMA 4 30X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO992.88794.30
SCE30H3608LPP NEMA 4 30X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,179.74943.79
SCE30R2408LP NEMA 3R 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO713.55570.84
SCE36H1606LP NEMA 4 36X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO678.76543.01
SCE36H2406LP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO830.24664.19
SCE36H2406LPP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO980.73784.58
SCE36H2408LP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock880.72704.58
SCE36H2408LPP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock1,031.21824.97
SCE36H2410LP NEMA 4 36X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO931.22744.98
SCE36H2410LPP NEMA 4 36X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,075.98860.78
SCE36H2410SSLP NEMA 4X 36X24X10 304 SS ENCL INFO2,872.012,297.61
SCE36H2412LP NEMA 4 36X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO981.68785.34
SCE36H2412LPP NEMA 4 36X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,125.78900.62
SCE36H2416LP NEMA 4 36X24X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,093.88875.10
SCE36H2416LPP NEMA 4 36X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,236.50989.20
SCE36H3006LP NEMA 4 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE INFO936.81749.45
SCE36H3006LPP NEMA 4 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,120.03896.02
SCE36H3008LP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO992.89794.31
SCE36H3008LPP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock1,179.74943.79
SCE36H3010LP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,048.98839.18
SCE36H3010LPP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,230.72984.58
SCE36H3010SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X10 304 SS ENCL INFO3,283.072,626.46
SCE36H3012LP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,099.50879.60
SCE36H3012LPP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,280.561,024.45
SCE36H3012SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X12 304 SS ENCL INFO3,480.662,784.53
SCE36H3016LP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,211.69969.35
SCE36H3016LPP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,391.241,112.99
SCE36H3016SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X16 304 SS ENCL INFO3,873.293,098.63
SCE36H3020LP NEMA 4 36X30X20 ENCLOSURE INFO1,318.261,054.61
SCE36H3020LPP NEMA 4 36X30X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,496.431,197.14
SCE36H3608LP NEMA 4 36X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,099.50879.60
SCE36H3612LP NEMA 4 36X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,222.89978.31
SCE36H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 36X36X12 304 SS ENCL INFO3,910.153,128.12
SCE36H3616LP NEMA 4 36X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,340.671,072.54
SCE36R2408LP NEMA 3R 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,045.58836.46
SCE42H2408LP NEMA 4 42X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO964.86771.89
SCE42H2408LPP NEMA 4 42X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,133.90907.12
SCE42H3008LP NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,088.27870.62
SCE42H3008LPP NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,301.131,040.90
SCE42H3010LP NEMA 4 42X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,144.34915.47
SCE42H3010LPP NEMA 4 42X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,356.431,085.14
SCE42H3010SSLP NEMA 4X 42X30X10 304 SS ENCL INFO3,641.412,913.13
SCE42H3012LP NEMA 4 42X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,206.05964.84
SCE42H3012LPP NEMA 4 42X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,417.351,133.88
SCE42H3016LP NEMA 4 42X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,329.461,063.57
SCE42H3016LPP NEMA 4 42X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,493.681,194.94
SCE42H3608LP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,211.69969.35
SCE42H3608LPP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,468.281,174.62
SCE42H3608SSLP NEMA 4X 42X36X08 304 SS ENCL INFO3,873.293,098.63
SCE42H3610LP NEMA 4 42X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,273.371,018.70
SCE42H3610LPP NEMA 4 42X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,529.161,223.33
SCE42H3612LP NEMA 4 42X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,340.671,072.54
SCE42H3612LPP NEMA 4 42X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,595.581,276.46
SCE42H3616LP NEMA 4 42X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,469.721,175.78
SCE42H3616LPP NEMA 4 42X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,722.921,378.34
SCE48H2408LP NEMA 4 48X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,043.39834.71
SCE48H3008LP NEMA 4 48X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,183.64946.91
SCE48H3010LP NEMA 4 48X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,245.32996.26
SCE48H3016LP NEMA 4 48X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,441.651,153.32
SCE48H3608LP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,318.261,054.61
SCE48H3608LPP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,612.021,289.62
SCE48H3608SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X08 304 SS ENCL INFO4,268.513,414.81
SCE48H3610LP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,391.191,112.95
SCE48H3610LPP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,683.981,347.18
SCE48H3612LP NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,458.511,166.81
SCE48H3612LPP NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,750.401,400.32
SCE48H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X12 304 SS ENCL INFO4,769.143,815.31
SCE48H3616LP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,598.751,279.00
SCE48H3616LPP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,888.781,511.02
SCE48H3616SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X16 304 SS ENCL INFO5,272.414,217.93
SCE48H3620LP NEMA 4 48X36X20 ENCLOSURE INFO1,738.981,391.18
SCE48H3620LPP NEMA 4 48X36X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,027.191,621.75
SCE60H3608LP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,537.021,229.62
SCE60H3610LP NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,621.161,296.93
SCE60H3610LPP NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,987.961,590.37
SCE60H3612LP NEMA 4 60X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,699.711,359.77
SCE60H3612LPP NEMA 4 60X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,065.461,652.37
SCE60H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 60X36X12 304 SS ENCL INFO5,630.754,504.60
SCE60H3620LP NEMA 4 60X36X20 ENCLOSURE INFO2,019.441,615.55
SCE60H3620LPP NEMA 4 60X36X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,380.971,904.78
SCE60H368LPP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,904.931,523.94
SCE72H3012LP NEMA 4 72X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,738.981,391.18
SCE72H3016LP NEMA 4 72X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,817.481,453.98
SCE72H3024LP NEMA 4 72X30X24 ENCLOSURE INFO2,078.381,662.70
SCE72H3612LP NEMA 4 72X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,283.121,826.50
SCE72H3616LP NEMA 4 72X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,940.921,552.74


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  • Continuously welded or ground-smooth seam, no holes or knockouts
  • Seamless, watertight foam gasket for tight seal
  • Hasp and staple for padlocking
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional subpanels
  • Steel subpanels available
  • UL File #E69392
  • CSA certified
  • One-year warranty

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