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H-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels H-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels


The Saginaw H-LP Series NEMA 4 enclosures are designed to house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SCE12H2406LP NEMA 4 12X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO564.88451.90
SCE16H1206LP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO505.42404.34
SCE16H1206LPP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO535.62428.50
SCE16H1208LP NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO529.21423.37
SCE16H1208LPP NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO559.40447.52
SCE16H1208SSLP NEMA 4X 16X12X8 304 SS ENCL INFO1,382.541,106.03
SCE16H1606LP NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO541.13432.90
SCE16H1606LPP NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO581.25465.00
SCE16H1608LP NEMA 4 16X16X8 ENCLOSURE INFO570.83456.66
SCE16H1608LPP NEMA 4 16X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO611.57489.26
SCE16H2006LP NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO582.74466.19
SCE16H2006LPP NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO623.82499.06
SCE16H2006SSLP NEMA 4X 16X20X6 304 SS ENCL INFO1,575.211,260.17
SCE16H2008LP NEMA 4 16X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO612.47489.98
SCE16H2008LPP NEMA 4 16X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO672.35537.88
SCE20H1206LP NEMA 4 20X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO535.15428.12
SCE20H1208LP NEMA 4 20X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO564.88451.90
SCE20H1606LP NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO582.74466.19
SCE20H1606LPP NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO649.25519.40
SCE20H1608LP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock612.47489.98
SCE20H1608LPP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock678.98543.18
SCE20H1608SSLP NEMA 4X 20X16X8 304 SS ENCL INFO1,686.951,349.56
SCE20H1610LP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE INFO642.17513.74
SCE20H1610LPP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO701.65561.32
SCE20H1610SSLP NEMA 4X 20X16X10 304 SS ENCL INFO1,801.471,441.18
SCE20H1612LP NEMA 4 20X16X12 ENCLOSURE INFO677.88542.30
SCE20H1612LPP NEMA 4 20X16X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO736.88589.50
SCE20H2006LP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO624.34499.47
SCE20H2006LPP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO704.33563.46
SCE20H2008LP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO660.04528.03
SCE20H2008LPP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock740.03592.02
SCE20H2010LP NEMA 4 20X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO695.70556.56
SCE20H2010LPP NEMA 4 20X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO768.74614.99
SCE20H2406LP NEMA 4 20X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO671.94537.55
SCE20H2406LPP NEMA 4 20X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO759.55607.64
SCE20H2408LP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO712.36569.89
SCE20H2408LPP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO799.42639.54
SCE20H2408SSLP NEMA 4X 20X24X8 304 SS ENCL INFO2,038.881,631.10
SCE20H3006LP NEMA 4 20X30X6 ENCLOSURE INFO808.66646.93
SCE24H1206LP NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO564.48451.58
SCE24H1208LP NEMA 4 24X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO600.59480.47
SCE24H1210LP NEMA 4 24X12X10 ENCLOSURE INFO630.29504.23
SCE24H1606LP NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO618.41494.73
SCE24H1606LPP NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO689.20551.36
SCE24H1608LP NEMA 4 24X16X8 ENCLOSURE INFO654.07523.26
SCE24H1608LPP NEMA 4 24X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO724.38579.50
SCE24H2006LP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO671.94537.55
SCE24H2006LPP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO765.39612.31
SCE24H2008LP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO713.55570.84
SCE24H2008LPP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO807.00645.60
SCE24H2010LP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO749.26599.41
SCE24H2010LPP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO835.83668.66
SCE24H2010SSLP NEMA 4X 24X20X10 304 SS ENCL INFO2,178.511,742.81
SCE24H2012LP NEMA 4 24X20X12 ENCLOSURE INFO790.84632.67
SCE24H2012LPP NEMA 4 24X20X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO876.89701.51
SCE24H2016LP NEMA 4 24X20X16 ENCLOSURE INFO868.15694.52
SCE24H2016LPP NEMA 4 24X20X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO953.16762.53
SCE24H2406LP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock725.43580.34
SCE24H2406LPP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock835.39668.31
SCE24H2408LP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO767.07613.66
SCE24H2408LPP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock877.01701.61
SCE24H2410LP NEMA 4 24X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO808.66646.93
SCE24H2410LPP NEMA 4 24X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO911.93729.54
SCE24H2412LP NEMA 4 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO850.30680.24
SCE24H2412LPP NEMA 4 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO953.02762.42
SCE24H2412SSLP NEMA 4X 24X24X12 304 SS ENCL INFO2,547.202,037.76
SCE24H2416LP NEMA 4 24X24X16 ENCLOSURE INFO933.56746.85
SCE24H2416LPP NEMA 4 24X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,035.17828.14
SCE24H3008LP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO850.30680.24
SCE24H3008LPP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO979.29783.43
SCE24H3008SSLP NEMA 4X 24X30X8 304 SS ENCL INFO2,547.202,037.76
SCE30H1606LP NEMA 4 30X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO677.88542.30
SCE30H2006LP NEMA 4 30X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO737.30589.84
SCE30H2008LP NEMA 4 30X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO784.89627.91
SCE30H2008SSLP NEMA 4X 30X20X8 304 SS ENCL INFO2,306.991,845.59
SCE30H2010LP NEMA 4 30X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO826.47661.18
SCE30H2406LP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO802.74642.19
SCE30H2406LPP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO937.52750.02
SCE30H2408LP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO850.30680.24
SCE30H2408LPP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO985.08788.06
SCE30H2410LP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO897.88718.30
SCE30H2410LPP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,026.26821.01
SCE30H2412LP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO945.44756.35
SCE30H2412LPP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,073.18858.54
SCE30H2412SSLP NEMA 4X 30X24X12 304 SS ENCL INFO2,887.932,310.34
SCE30H2416LP NEMA 4 30X24X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,040.58832.46
SCE30H2416LPP NEMA 4 30X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,167.06933.65
SCE30H2416SSLP NEMA 4X 30X24X16 304 SS ENCL INFO3,234.232,587.38
SCE30H2420LP NEMA 4 30X24X20 ENCLOSURE INFO1,135.72908.58
SCE30H2420LPP NEMA 4 30X24X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,260.951,008.76
SCE30H2424LP NEMA 4 30X24X24 ENCLOSURE INFO1,230.87984.70
SCE30H2424LPP NEMA 4 30X24X24 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,354.831,083.86
SCE30H3008LP NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO951.39761.11
SCE30H3008LPP NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,117.79894.23
SCE30H3012LP NEMA 4 30X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,058.40846.72
SCE30H3012LPP NEMA 4 30X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,218.17974.54
SCE30H3608LP NEMA 4 30X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,052.45841.96
SCE30H3608LPP NEMA 4 30X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,250.521,000.42
SCE30R2408LP NEMA 3R 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO756.36605.09
SCE36H1606LP NEMA 4 36X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO719.49575.59
SCE36H2406LP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO880.05704.04
SCE36H2406LPP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,039.57831.66
SCE36H2408LP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock933.56746.85
SCE36H2408LPP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,093.08874.46
SCE36H2410LP NEMA 4 36X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO987.09789.67
SCE36H2410LPP NEMA 4 36X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,140.54912.43
SCE36H2410SSLP NEMA 4X 36X24X10 304 SS ENCL INFO3,044.332,435.46
SCE36H2412LP NEMA 4 36X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,040.58832.46
SCE36H2412LPP NEMA 4 36X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,193.33954.66
SCE36H2416LP NEMA 4 36X24X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,159.51927.61
SCE36H2416LPP NEMA 4 36X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,310.691,048.55
SCE36H3006LP NEMA 4 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE INFO993.02794.42
SCE36H3006LPP NEMA 4 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,187.23949.78
SCE36H3008LP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,052.46841.97
SCE36H3008LPP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock1,250.521,000.42
SCE36H3010LP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,111.92889.54
SCE36H3010LPP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,304.561,043.65
SCE36H3010SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X10 304 SS ENCL INFO3,480.052,784.04
SCE36H3012LP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,165.47932.38
SCE36H3012LPP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,357.391,085.91
SCE36H3012SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X12 304 SS ENCL INFO3,689.502,951.60
SCE36H3016LP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,284.391,027.51
SCE36H3016LPP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,474.711,179.77
SCE36H3016SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X16 304 SS ENCL INFO4,105.693,284.55
SCE36H3020LP NEMA 4 36X30X20 ENCLOSURE INFO1,397.361,117.89
SCE36H3020LPP NEMA 4 36X30X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,586.221,268.98
SCE36H3608LP NEMA 4 36X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,165.47932.38
SCE36H3612LP NEMA 4 36X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,296.261,037.01
SCE36H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 36X36X12 304 SS ENCL INFO4,144.763,315.81
SCE36H3616LP NEMA 4 36X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,421.111,136.89
SCE36R2408LP NEMA 3R 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,108.31886.65
SCE42H2408LP NEMA 4 42X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,022.75818.20
SCE42H2408LPP NEMA 4 42X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,201.93961.54
SCE42H3008LP NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,153.57922.86
SCE42H3008LPP NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,379.201,103.36
SCE42H3010LP NEMA 4 42X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,213.00970.40
SCE42H3010LPP NEMA 4 42X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,437.821,150.26
SCE42H3010SSLP NEMA 4X 42X30X10 304 SS ENCL INFO3,859.893,087.91
SCE42H3012LP NEMA 4 42X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,278.411,022.73
SCE42H3012LPP NEMA 4 42X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,502.391,201.91
SCE42H3016LP NEMA 4 42X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,409.231,127.38
SCE42H3016LPP NEMA 4 42X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,583.301,266.64
SCE42H3608LP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,284.391,027.51
SCE42H3608LPP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,556.381,245.10
SCE42H3608SSLP NEMA 4X 42X36X08 304 SS ENCL INFO4,105.693,284.55
SCE42H3610LP NEMA 4 42X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,349.771,079.82
SCE42H3610LPP NEMA 4 42X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,620.911,296.73
SCE42H3612LP NEMA 4 42X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,421.111,136.89
SCE42H3612LPP NEMA 4 42X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,691.311,353.05
SCE42H3616LP NEMA 4 42X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,557.901,246.32
SCE42H3616LPP NEMA 4 42X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,826.301,461.04
SCE48H2408LP NEMA 4 48X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,105.99884.79
SCE48H3008LP NEMA 4 48X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,254.661,003.73
SCE48H3010LP NEMA 4 48X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,320.041,056.03
SCE48H3016LP NEMA 4 48X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,528.151,222.52
SCE48H3608LP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,397.361,117.89
SCE48H3608LPP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,708.741,366.99
SCE48H3608SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X08 304 SS ENCL INFO4,524.623,619.70
SCE48H3610LP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,474.661,179.73
SCE48H3610LPP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,785.021,428.02
SCE48H3612LP NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,546.021,236.82
SCE48H3612LPP NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,855.421,484.34
SCE48H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X12 304 SS ENCL INFO5,055.294,044.23
SCE48H3616LP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,694.681,355.74
SCE48H3616LPP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,002.111,601.69
SCE48H3616SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X16 304 SS ENCL INFO5,588.754,471.00
SCE48H3620LP NEMA 4 48X36X20 ENCLOSURE INFO1,843.321,474.66
SCE48H3620LPP NEMA 4 48X36X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,148.821,719.06
SCE60H3608LP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,629.241,303.39
SCE60H3610LP NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,718.431,374.74
SCE60H3610LPP NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,107.241,685.79
SCE60H3612LP NEMA 4 60X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,801.691,441.35
SCE60H3612LPP NEMA 4 60X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,189.391,751.51
SCE60H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 60X36X12 304 SS ENCL INFO5,968.604,774.88
SCE60H3620LP NEMA 4 60X36X20 ENCLOSURE INFO2,140.611,712.49
SCE60H3620LPP NEMA 4 60X36X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,523.832,019.06
SCE60H368LPP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,019.231,615.38
SCE72H3012LP NEMA 4 72X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,843.321,474.66
SCE72H3016LP NEMA 4 72X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,926.531,541.22
SCE72H3024LP NEMA 4 72X30X24 ENCLOSURE INFO2,203.081,762.46
SCE72H3612LP NEMA 4 72X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,420.111,936.09
SCE72H3616LP NEMA 4 72X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO2,057.381,645.90


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  • Continuously welded or ground-smooth seam, no holes or knockouts
  • Seamless, watertight foam gasket for tight seal
  • Hasp and staple for padlocking
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional subpanels
  • Steel subpanels available
  • UL File #E69392
  • CSA certified
  • One-year warranty

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