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H-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels H-LP Series

Saginaw NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels


The Saginaw H-LP Series NEMA 4 enclosures are designed to house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SCE12H2406LP NEMA 4 12X24X6 ENCLOSUREINFO797.10446.38
SCE16H1206LP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock714.00399.84
SCE16H1206LPP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock709.00397.04
SCE16H1208LP NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSUREINFO747.40418.54
SCE16H1208SSLP NEMA 4X 16X12X8 304 SS ENCLINFO1,935.401,083.82
SCE16H1606LP NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO763.60427.62
SCE16H1608LP NEMA 4 16X16X8 ENCLOSUREINFO805.70451.19
SCE16H2006LP NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSUREINFO823.00460.88
SCE16H2006SSLP NEMA 4X 16X20X6 304 SS ENCLINFO2,206.501,235.64
SCE16H2008LP NEMA 4 16X20X8 ENCLOSUREINFO865.20484.51
SCE20H1206LP NEMA 4 20X12X6 ENCLOSUREINFO756.00423.36
SCE20H1208LP NEMA 4 20X12X8 ENCLOSUREINFO797.10446.38
SCE20H1606LP NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO823.00460.88
SCE20H1608LP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock865.20484.51
SCE20H1608LPP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock909.00509.04
SCE20H1608SSLP NEMA 4X 20X16X8 304 SS ENCLINFO2,362.101,322.78
SCE20H1610LP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSUREINFO907.20508.03
SCE20H1610LPP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO936.00524.16
SCE20H1610SSLP NEMA 4X 20X16X10 304 SS ENCLINFO2,522.901,412.82
SCE20H1612LP NEMA 4 20X16X12 ENCLOSUREINFO956.90535.86
SCE20H1612LPP NEMA 4 20X16X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO982.00549.92
SCE20H2006LP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock882.40494.14
SCE20H2006LPP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock972.00544.32
SCE20H2008LP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock931.00521.36
SCE20H2008LPP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,018.00570.08
SCE20H2010LP NEMA 4 20X20X10 ENCLOSUREINFO982.90550.42
SCE20H2010LPP NEMA 4 20X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,068.00598.08
SCE20H2406LP NEMA 4 20X24X6 ENCLOSUREINFO949.30531.61
SCE20H2406LPP NEMA 4 20X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,046.00585.76
SCE20H2408LP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,005.50563.08
SCE20H2408LPP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,099.00615.44
SCE20H2408SSLP NEMA 4X 20X24X8 304 SS ENCLINFO2,854.501,598.52
SCE20H3006LP NEMA 4 20X30X6 ENCLOSUREINFO1,141.60639.30
SCE24H1206LP NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCLOSUREINFO797.10446.38
SCE24H1208LP NEMA 4 24X12X8 ENCLOSUREINFO847.90474.82
SCE24H1210LP NEMA 4 24X12X10 ENCLOSUREINFO891.00498.96
SCE24H1606LP NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO872.70488.71
SCE24H1608LP NEMA 4 24X16X8 ENCLOSUREINFO924.50517.72
SCE24H2006LP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSUREINFO949.30531.61
SCE24H2006LPP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,053.00589.68
SCE24H2008LP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,006.60563.70
SCE24H2008LPP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,107.00619.92
SCE24H2010LP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,058.40592.70
SCE24H2010LPP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,143.00640.08
SCE24H2010SSLP NEMA 4X 24X20X10 304 SS ENCLINFO3,050.001,708.00
SCE24H2012LP NEMA 4 24X20X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,116.80625.41
SCE24H2012LPP NEMA 4 24X20X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,197.00670.32
SCE24H2016LP NEMA 4 24X20X16 ENCLOSUREINFO1,224.80685.89
SCE24H2016LPP NEMA 4 24X20X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,295.00725.20
SCE24H2406LP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,025.00574.00
SCE24H2406LPP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,121.00627.76
SCE24H2408LP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,082.20606.03
SCE24H2408LPP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,175.00658.00
SCE24H2410LP NEMA 4 24X24X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,141.60639.30
SCE24H2410LPP NEMA 4 24X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,220.00683.20
SCE24H2412LP NEMA 4 24X24X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,199.90671.94
SCE24H2412LPP NEMA 4 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,271.00711.76
SCE24H2412SSLP NEMA 4X 24X24X12 304 SS ENCLINFO3,567.301,997.69
SCE24H2416LP NEMA 4 24X24X16 ENCLOSUREINFO1,317.70737.91
SCE24H2416LPP NEMA 4 24X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,378.00771.68
SCE24H3008LP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,199.90671.94
SCE24H3008LPP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,306.00731.36
SCE24H3008SSLP NEMA 4X 24X30X8 304 SS ENCLINFO3,567.301,997.69
SCE30H1606LP NEMA 4 30X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO956.90535.86
SCE30H2006LP NEMA 4 30X20X6 ENCLOSUREINFO1,041.10583.02
SCE30H2008LP NEMA 4 30X20X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,108.20620.59
SCE30H2008SSLP NEMA 4X 30X20X8 304 SS ENCLINFO3,229.301,808.41
SCE30H2010LP NEMA 4 30X20X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,166.50653.24
SCE30H2406LP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSUREINFO1,133.00634.48
SCE30H2406LPP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,253.00701.68
SCE30H2408LP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,199.90671.94
SCE30H2408LPP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,315.00736.40
SCE30H2410LP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,266.90709.46
SCE30H2410LPP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,366.00764.96
SCE30H2412LP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,333.80746.93
SCE30H2412LPP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,428.00799.68
SCE30H2412SSLP NEMA 4X 30X24X12 304 SS ENCLINFO4,042.502,263.80
SCE30H2416LP NEMA 4 30X24X16 ENCLOSUREINFO1,467.80821.97
SCE30H2416LPP NEMA 4 30X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,548.00866.88
SCE30H2416SSLP NEMA 4X 30X24X16 304 SS ENCLINFO4,526.302,534.73
SCE30H2420LP NEMA 4 30X24X20 ENCLOSUREINFO1,602.70897.51
SCE30H2420LPP NEMA 4 30X24X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,670.00935.20
SCE30H2424LP NEMA 4 30X24X24 ENCLOSUREINFO1,736.70972.55
SCE30H2424LPP NEMA 4 30X24X24 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,790.001,002.40
SCE30H3008LP NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,343.60752.42
SCE30H3008LPP NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,466.00820.96
SCE30H3012LP NEMA 4 30X30X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,494.80837.09
SCE30H3012LPP NEMA 4 30X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,595.00893.20
SCE30H3608LP NEMA 4 30X36X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,485.00831.60
SCE30H3608LPP NEMA 4 30X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,686.00944.16
SCE30R2408LP NEMA 3R 30X24X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,103.10617.74
SCE36H1606LP NEMA 4 36X16X6 ENCLOSUREINFO1,016.30569.13
SCE36H2406LP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,242.10695.58
SCE36H2406LPP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,388.00777.28
SCE36H2408LP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,317.70737.91
SCE36H2408LPP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,458.00816.48
SCE36H2410LP NEMA 4 36X24X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,393.30780.25
SCE36H2410LPP NEMA 4 36X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,518.00850.08
SCE36H2410SSLP NEMA 4X 36X24X10 304 SS ENCLINFO4,261.702,386.55
SCE36H2412LP NEMA 4 36X24X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,467.80821.97
SCE36H2412LPP NEMA 4 36X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,586.00888.16
SCE36H2416LP NEMA 4 36X24X16 ENCLOSUREINFO1,635.20915.71
SCE36H2416LPP NEMA 4 36X24X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,738.00973.28
SCE36H3006LP NEMA 4 36X30X6 ENCLOSUREINFO1,400.80784.45
SCE36H3006LPP NEMA 4 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,604.00898.24
SCE36H3008LP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSUREIn Stock1,485.00831.60
SCE36H3008LPP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFIn Stock1,686.00944.16
SCE36H3010LP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,569.30878.81
SCE36H3010LPP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,755.00982.80
SCE36H3010SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X10 304 SS ENCLINFO4,869.802,727.09
SCE36H3012LP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,644.90921.14
SCE36H3012LPP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,823.001,020.88
SCE36H3012SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X12 304 SS ENCLINFO5,163.502,891.56
SCE36H3016LP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSUREINFO1,812.301,014.89
SCE36H3016LPP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,973.001,104.88
SCE36H3016SSLP NEMA 4X 36X30X16 304 SS ENCLINFO5,745.703,217.59
SCE36H3020LP NEMA 4 36X30X20 ENCLOSUREINFO1,971.101,103.82
SCE36H3020LPP NEMA 4 36X30X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,117.001,185.52
SCE36H3608LP NEMA 4 36X36X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,644.90921.14
SCE36H3612LP NEMA 4 36X36X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,828.501,023.96
SCE36H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 36X36X12 304 SS ENCLINFO5,800.803,248.45
SCE36H3616LP NEMA 4 36X36X16 ENCLOSUREINFO2,005.601,123.14
SCE36R2408LP NEMA 3R 36X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,615.40904.62
SCE42H2408LP NEMA 4 42X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,443.00808.08
SCE42H2408LPP NEMA 4 42X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,623.00908.88
SCE42H3008LP NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,628.70912.07
SCE42H3008LPP NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,873.001,048.88
SCE42H3010LP NEMA 4 42X30X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,711.80958.61
SCE42H3010LPP NEMA 4 42X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO1,948.001,090.88
SCE42H3010SSLP NEMA 4X 42X30X10 304 SS ENCLINFO5,402.203,025.23
SCE42H3012LP NEMA 4 42X30X12 ENCLOSUREINFO1,803.701,010.07
SCE42H3012LPP NEMA 4 42X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,032.001,137.92
SCE42H3016LP NEMA 4 42X30X16 ENCLOSUREINFO1,988.301,113.45
SCE42H3016LPP NEMA 4 42X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,064.001,155.84
SCE42H3608LP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,812.301,014.89
SCE42H3608LPP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,082.001,165.92
SCE42H3608SSLP NEMA 4X 42X36X08 304 SS ENCLINFO5,745.703,217.59
SCE42H3610LP NEMA 4 42X36X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,904.101,066.30
SCE42H3610LPP NEMA 4 42X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,166.001,212.96
SCE42H3612LP NEMA 4 42X36X12 ENCLOSUREINFO2,005.601,123.14
SCE42H3612LPP NEMA 4 42X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,255.001,262.80
SCE42H3616LP NEMA 4 42X36X16 ENCLOSUREINFO2,197.901,230.82
SCE42H3616LPP NEMA 4 42X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,429.001,360.24
SCE48H2408LP NEMA 4 48X24X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,560.70873.99
SCE48H3008LP NEMA 4 48X30X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,769.10990.70
SCE48H3010LP NEMA 4 48X30X10 ENCLOSUREINFO1,860.901,042.10
SCE48H3016LP NEMA 4 48X30X16 ENCLOSUREINFO2,155.801,207.25
SCE48H3608LP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSUREINFO1,971.101,103.82
SCE48H3608LPP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,287.001,280.72
SCE48H3608SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X08 304 SS ENCLINFO6,332.103,545.98
SCE48H3610LP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSUREINFO2,080.101,164.86
SCE48H3610LPP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,384.001,335.04
SCE48H3612LP NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSUREINFO2,180.601,221.14
SCE48H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X12 304 SS ENCLINFO7,074.003,961.44
SCE48H3616LP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSUREINFO2,390.101,338.46
SCE48H3616LPP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,664.001,491.84
SCE48H3616SSLP NEMA 4X 48X36X16 304 SS ENCLINFO7,821.404,379.98
SCE48H3620LP NEMA 4 48X36X20 ENCLOSUREINFO2,599.601,455.78
SCE48H3620LPP NEMA 4 48X36X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,853.001,597.68
SCE60H3608LP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSUREINFO2,297.201,286.43
SCE60H3610LP NEMA 3R/4/12/13 60X36X10 ENCLOSUREINFO2,424.601,357.78
SCE60H3610LPP NEMA 3R/4/12/13 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,924.001,637.44
SCE60H3612LP NEMA 4 60X36X12 ENCLOSUREINFO2,540.201,422.51
SCE60H3612LPP NEMA 4 60X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO3,029.001,696.24
SCE60H3612SSLP NEMA 4X 60X36X12 304 SS ENCLINFO8,353.804,678.13
SCE60H3620LP NEMA 4 60X36X20 ENCLOSUREINFO3,018.701,690.47
SCE60H3620LPP NEMA 4 60X36X20 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO3,459.001,937.04
SCE60H368LPP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERFINFO2,811.001,574.16
SCE72H3012LP NEMA 4 72X30X12 ENCLOSUREINFO2,599.601,455.78
SCE72H3016LP NEMA 4 72X30X16 ENCLOSUREINFO2,716.201,521.07
SCE72H3024LP NEMA 4 72X30X24 ENCLOSUREINFO3,106.101,739.42
SCE72H3612LP NEMA 4 72X36X12 ENCLOSUREINFO3,411.701,910.55
SCE72H3616LP NEMA 4 72X36X16 ENCLOSUREINFO2,900.901,624.50


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  • Continuously welded or ground-smooth seam, no holes or knockouts
  • Seamless, watertight foam gasket for tight seal
  • Hasp and staple for padlocking
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional subpanels
  • Steel subpanels available
  • UL File #E69392
  • CSA certified
  • One-year warranty

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