Austin NEMA 4 enclosure

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Austin NEMA 4 enclosure

Austin NEMA 4 Enclosures Austin NEMA 4 enclosure

Austin NEMA 4 Enclosures


Austin NEMA 4 enclosures house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water. Kele is the leading supplier of building automation products.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AB16126NF NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO774.44619.55
AB16128NF NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO813.01650.41
AB16166NF NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO832.93666.34
AB16206NF NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO893.92715.14
AB201610NF NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE INFO992.32793.86
AB20166NF NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO893.92715.14
AB20168NF NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE INFO942.68754.14
AB20206NF NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO964.65771.72
AB20208NF NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,020.18816.14
AB24126NF NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO871.20696.96
AB24166NF NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO955.23764.18
AB242010NF NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,155.47924.38
AB24206NF NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,034.65827.72
AB24208NF NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,095.51876.41
AB24246NF NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,116.59893.27
AB24248NF NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,183.47946.78
AB30206NF NEMA 4 30X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,140.84912.67
AB30208NF NEMA 4 30X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,209.96967.97
AB302410NF NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,386.841,109.47
AB302412NF NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,457.451,165.96
AB30246NF NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,239.73991.78
AB30248NF NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,313.131,050.50
AB30308NF NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,459.911,167.93
AB36246NF NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,363.321,090.66
AB36248NF NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,445.681,156.54
AB363010NF NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,714.451,371.56
AB363012NF NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,803.711,442.97
AB36308NF NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,624.321,299.46
AB42308NF NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,779.371,423.50
AB42368NF NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,983.401,586.72
AB483010NF NEMA 4 48X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO2,041.551,633.24
AB483610NF NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO2,277.891,822.31
AB483612NF NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,106.561,685.25
AB48368NF NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO2,163.831,731.06
AB603610NF NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO2,338.191,870.55
AB60368NF NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO2,222.901,778.32


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